My Love Endures



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"Why is it so difficult to decide on what grade of beef to get?" he mumbled to himself as he sidestepped to the left while studying the meat. It wasn't like this was his first time buying ground beef. Rolling his head on his shoulders, something caught his eye. Just as he turned to look at what it was, two women collided in the aisle. Their groceries tumbled to the floor.

Without hesitation, Micah hurried to help. It was only a few steps away. Bending down across from the other lowered woman, he picked up a box of cereal and passed it to the woman standing, "You should be more careful," he spoke gently to the woman he was helping, "Let me help you get the rest of your things," he offered. Picking up the meat, he extended it to the woman. When she looked up to take it from him, his heart stopped and he dropped the meat. It was Opal.

Rising quickly, he swallowed hard and looked around him for Warren. The last thing he needed was to reopen that can of worms and if Opal was near, he was fairly certain Warren would be. Weirdly enough, he wasn't. Opal was at the store alone, "I, uh," he started, "I'm sorry," he apologized, "I didn't mean to drop it. I just - I wasn't expecting you."

Great, sound like an ass. That'll do you real good.

"It was a surprise, that's all," he corrected himself. She was the last person he ever expected to see and was the last person he had hoped to see in the town. Everything stirred back up inside him and Micah was having a hard time deciding between yelling at her for what she did, running to avoid the conflict, or just standing there like an idiot. It seemed his mind had settled on the last as he simply stood there watching her. She was as beautiful as he remembered and dreamt but she was also the source of nightmares and heartache.

Excuse yourself, idiot, get out of here before things turn even more awkward or go south. He couldn't do anything though. He simply stood there fidgeting uncomfortably as he watched her.


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Opal felt as though her heart was going to burst out of her chest. His voice opening up her memories again as she struggled between wanting to run and leave her groceries behind or calling out to him herself. Even though she knew the risks when she looked up at him, she could not resist. She had wanted to see him, this whole time. And finally gazing into his face, she saw his eyes light up with recognition.

"A-Ah, no, thank you... It's... Fine." Stammering through a reply, she lifted the meat back off the ground and dropped it back into her basket. She had so many things she had imagined and wanted to talk to him about, but now that she had the opportunity to do so... Her mind was blanking out. "I'm... Surprised too." She replied back as she stood back up and looked into his eyes a second time.

Before she really knew what was going on, her vision blurred. Tears welled up inside of her eyes and fell down her cheeks. The fact that her make up would run, or that Warren would be livid once he found out that she had spoken with him didn't cross her mind. Acting purely out of emotion, she suddenly crashed into his chest, wrapping her arms around him. "I wanted to see you..!" She cried out.

By then the woman she had bumped into had long collected her stuff and left the premise, not wanting to be involved with whatever drama was unfolding in the meat aisle.

Eventually her sobbing subsided and the flood of emotions that had taken over her began to die out. Awkwardly releasing him she mumbled, "I-I... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to but I, just..." Opal had no idea what she was even trying to say, but she knew she should not have suddenly embraced him as she did. She... Had given up the right to do so all those years ago. "I'm so sorry Micah..." She acted as though she was still apologizing for her sudden tears and hug, but this time she was referring to how she had suddenly ignored him. Betrayed him right after promising to be together.