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My Little Zombie: A Walking Dead/MLP Parody

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LogicfromLogic, Mar 24, 2015.


Is this a terrible idea?

  1. Yes. You shouldn't have stayed up so damn long you are getting delirious

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  2. No, it's fucking awesome

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  1. [​IMG]

    • It's finally happened; the Mane Six died trying to save Equestria from it's most devastating peril yet; the Zombpony Virus. What first started off as a small common flu like cold, spread quickly through out the cities and towns. But as the virus progressed, ponies began to drop dead after reaching a fever of 120, coughing so violently blood vessels pop, and finally you bleed out through the nose, eyes and ears. Then, you die from it, and come back as a trotter. You crave flesh; once you were a herbivore, but now you are a cannibalistic zombie craving flesh. There's a hunger that shall never be quenched. There is no cure or magick that will cure this; it's all about survival now. The Mane six fell first, Celestia and Luna following suit. Cadance, Shining Armour, all of them; turned into zombies. Now it is up to surviving ponies to find a way to live in this new world...

      A surviving group just outside Andalusian, Georgia have just started their journey...

    So I think it should be obvious that this is a Walking Dead Parody, so, we'll have all the characters here as you guessed it..ponies. Only I want you to be creative with the names (whoever chooses to be Rick, you'll get a cookie if you name him 'Ranger Rick'). It doesn't have to be their name, but related to them in the show.

    This is the FIRST season so far!


    Daryl: Taken


    1. Obey normal Iwaku rules​
    2. You can make OCs, but please make sure that these roles are filled first​
    3. Keep OOC in the OOC thread​
    4. If you make an OC it is subjected to the death rule​
    5. There's no such thing as immune to the virus​
    6. You can have up to two characters for now​
    7. Please post in order (Rick's character is the first one to post, however this is not going strictly by the show, this is for our own shits and giggles)​

    Character Sheet

    Sexual Orientation
    Cutie Mark
    History (Keep in mind the cannon characters might not have one built up)