My little Sister or My little toy

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  1. My name is Cathy and me and my older brother are sort like friends because we do lots of pranks like blowing up the pool but the ultimaite worst was the us being together in bed and when he was 17 and I was 16, it was the worst time because our parents found out and grouded us for 4 months and now I barely talk to my brother. But I wanted to help him so I went into his room and sat at the end of his bed and he was writing.

    (closed to first)

    (this is about a younger sister and brother and they become really close, she loves him to pieces but he thinks she is just another girl he can use for a leverage and sex seems to be it, even now there grounded they still make love without getting caught this time and the closed to first has to be the brother)
  2. Jace set down the pencil, and sighed. He moved over to his bed and lay down with his feet at Cathy's side.

    Jace reclined on his bed, and recalled everything that had happened in the past few days with a grin. He ran his fingers through his copper-coloured hair and stretched out like a cat. He was very much like a cat in many ways.
  3. "How you doing big bro?" she said with a gentle smile hoping that he wasn't angry at her.
  4. Jace glanced at her and brusquely said, "Cathy, just bugger off. I'm not in the mood." Her "gentle" tone really irritated him - it was more condescending than gentle.
  5. "sorry for being friendly,"she said and went to her room, put in her earphones and did more of her sketching.
  6. "You weren't being friendly, you were being annoying..." he muttered to himself, glaring at the door. It was because of her that they had got in trouble, and he had got grounded for a month.
  7. She didn't hear the last bit, she sat on her bed and listened to music full blast. It was because of him they got in trouble.