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  1. I so far haven't really found a Thread for this, but I am interested in making one if none excist. Thus I am wondering what the interest for one is currently. I'm thinking that it either be a Group roleplay or possibly a just a normal thread one.

    I'm also not sure what it exactly be about right now, but I'f theres nterest I'm sure it won't be hard to come up with a plot.

    All I know is that its very possibly it will play out with Original characters instead of the existing cast. Possibly with the main cast too if somepony really ask nicely and think they can nail the characters.

    So Anypony interested? :P

    If so, don't stop here ^^ Head straight to the Setup thread unless you want to say hi here first =P

    MLP FIM: For ponies and their friends[/color]
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  2. Me: Welcome aboard ^^


    Pinky pie: WOOOHOO That is tottally Awesome, Lets throw a party!

    Fluttershy: *deep inhale* Yaaaay.
  3. [​IMG]

    ((I am not sorry one bit))​
  4. And there shouldn't be a need to feel sorry xD.
  5. *laughs* true that~
  6. If it's a comfy one that's actually about friendly, I'll hop in without hestitating.

    My planned OC is non-pony, if that's alright. And he's pretty big.
  7. Ooooh~ What type of pony is it~? I have this OC I amde a while ago that I haven't used... Maybe I should use her......
  8. Well Everything within equestria should be good enough to be a character.

    I personally have nothing against Dragons,Griffins,Etc etc.

    Whatever it have hooves or not. ^^

    Well I intend for everyone to be mostly friendly.

    Of course there's some exception.

    I think Ill throw in a lot of friendship, A Spoon full of adventure, A bit of Danger... and spice it with some randomness, a Tad of Evilz...

    Yeah, you know... The Right way it should be xD.
  9. If you need help with any of it I am happy to help you out~
  10. Well Right now I'm thinking of a banner.

    It will probably need a banner =P

    And I actually think I use 'The Dark Prince" as a villain for once in this, at some point.

    I also intend to play a Dashing Stallion, just so you know... Male ponies rule!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I was thinking of a foreign creature of oriental origin. Maybe a talking magic fox(as opposed to a regular one) or some dragon-like being, maybe at most a quarter the size of an Ursa Minor. The former is quite the prankster.
  13. Well I guess we could fit such a creature in somewhere. I don''t see why not xD.

    So, Story... Hmmm

    Well we probably can already assume where we will live 'mostly'.

    And that the Friendly part of it will probably play out there most of the time.

    I don't think I'll let people create too much chaos on their own. Besides at most a Confetti cannon war or a Food fight or something.

    As I'm uncertain that a split crew would really achieve the purpose of the Rp.

    So, at least so far we have

    1. Pony, Male (Stallion?) My character, His cutie mark is about luck, and being lucky. Yet he's not one to exploit this, and instead tries his hardest to manage it. Thus his special ability could be considered 'Luck management'.

    1. Magical creature? Fox,Dragon something in between?... etc.
  14. I have a unicorn~ Female~
  15. Yay 2 ponies.
    1 other creature.

    I also thinking about that the other characters have nothing really to do with the Mane 6, Like not being either a replacement for them ,nor a replacement for their ... Urr *brainfreeze*... I don't remember what it's called O.O"
  16. ELEMENT!... *cough* Element it was called, Their element of Harmony.

    Good that were clear on that.


    Awsome sauce ^^

    My characters name is Vincent Gainbits.

    I post a picture later =P



    The elements..


    And the rest.

    *big smile so everyone knows my innocence*
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  17. Do you find things you like?

    Do you refer to the ground when you say dig?... or do mean somewhere else? xD
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