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  1. Hey Teal. This RP sounds like a lot of fun. I started a few MLP rps before but I didn't get the going very far.

    I have a few OC ponies.

    The first one is DraydenBelle.
    He's a unicorn colt and RarityBelle's younger brother and SweetieBelle's older brother. He's in his 7th grade year at the Ponyville academy. Drayden watches over SweetieBelle from the shadows while at school, as he's seen the way Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had picked on SweetieBelle and her friends Applebloom and Scootaloo many times. Though since SweetieBelle has seen him about in the hallways but hasn't met and doesn't know Drayden personally that well, much less that he's her older brother, he doesn't want to interfere in her affairs unless she asks him to. Not to mention he doesn't want to meddle in something that might put forth another source of ammunition for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to hassle his little sister and her friends about. So he just keeps an eye on SweetieBelle and her friends when he can, ready to step in when asked. Drayden's older sister Rarity doesn't know of his existence either, though he's seen her in a passerby sense many times. He's also seen the type and the top level designer his older sister's become over the years.

    The second one is Sheenith Starstep. He goes by the shortened version of his name, Sheen, most of the time.
    Sheenith Starstep is the younger brother of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle. He's a unicorn colt and the same age as SweetieBelle, AppleBloom, and Scootaloo are. His brother's wife, Princess Cadence, has babysat him before, as he's from Canterlot. But Shining Armor and Twilight's parents, unlike when they got Cadence to babysit Twilight, went under an anonymous alias when they reqested Sheen's babysitting, so Cadence doesn't know Sheen's parents' identities nor that Sheen is her husband's younger brother and his youngest sibling.

    My third OC pony is named JadeJellPie. He goes by JadeJell.
    He is the younger brother of PinkiePie. Unlike his sister Pinkie however, although he's social with others and likes to make friends and have fun like she does, he's horribly shy and gets really nervous when in places that are new to him. He has a bright jade green skin coat and a medium dark jade green mane and tail.
  2. Heyo, I was considering joining this as a mailmare named Cloudy Skies, but I'm not really sure how to introduce her yet. Maybe she has a letter for one of your ponies or she's delivering something to the next place you go?
  3. Well, we do have a player playing an important pony who works under Princess Luna, much like a student. As of now, she's been tasked with making friends in Ponyville as she's been pretty introverted (I suppose?) about meeting ponies. You could have your mailmare deliver something to her, if that helps.

    If not, my character could receive a letter from his parents, who live up in Cloudsdale.
  4. I can understand what you mean, I haven't seen a single pony themed RP on this forum. Hence why I created one, so that there would be some familiar territory for me.
    I'm thinking that I need to put forth some sort of small plot line, a short story to get everyone's heads ringing with ideas of their own.
    Something interesting and maybe deep but nothing too large in scale either.
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