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  1. Hello there, nice to meet you. Take a look at my ideas and if you like anything, please pm me so we can work out how to proceed. :)
    !I'm willing to play most of this plots as het or slash, unless otherwise implicated. I only write the female in het rps. Please let me know whether you want to write a rp as mxm or fxm!

    Please feel free to approach me about anything that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable so we can work out how to make the rp perfect for both of us!

    Current craving:

    At the moment I have a major craving for two things: Mafia roleplay (with a preference for russian mafia or yakuza) and female Loki


    Pairings I like with no attached plot idea at this time:
    (bolded roles are the ones I prefer playing, * indicate craving)

    Kidnapper/Victim *
    Monster(Experiment?)/Scientist **
    King(Queen)/Servant **
    Serial Killer/Law enforcement *
    Serial Killer/Victim *
    Mafia boss/Assasin **
    Mafia boss/Law enforcement ***
    Therapist/Patient ***
    Stalker/Celebrity **
    Bandmember/Bandmember *
    Manager/Bandmember *
    Bandmember/Groupie **
    Brother/Brother *
    Brother/Sister *
    Father/Daughter (or son) *


    * Prince(ss)/Guardian: The guardian has been protecting the prince(ss)es life for as long as they remember and they've build a close bond over the years, a friendship that slowly, without them even realising, turned into much more.
    Now that the prince(ss) is of age, they are sent to another country where the prince(ss) is suppossed to get married. Along the way, the relationship deepens and maybe they don't bother arriving in the other country at all!

    ** Monster/Sacrifice version A: A monster has been terrorizing a villiage for a long time but now, in exchange for a yearly sacrifice, stopped its attacks. That time of the year is approaching again and this years sacrifice is a hotheaded young (wo)man who the villagers fear will only aggitate the monster even more.
    Regardless, a new sacrifice can not be chosen, so this young person sets up on their journey to seek out the monster with a secret plan to slay it. However, once they reach the monsters lair, they will realise that the monster isn't quite what it seemed to be...

    ** Monster/Sacrifice version pwp: A monster (or group of monsters) has been terrorizing a village for quite some time. Yearly sacrifices of beautiful young men and women have been established. Nobody knows what the monster(s) does with them and they never return back home.
    Again, it's time for the annual sacrifice and another youngster is chosen. After they discovered the monsters lair, the young (wo)man is used, abused and turned into a sex slave.

    * Postapocalyptic suvivor/survivor: YC and MC have both been among the few humans to survive a major catastrophe that wiped out most of humanity. They met each other by pure chance and decide that traveling together might just be their best bet to survival.

    ** Vampire clan leader/Enemy vampire: YC is an old and increasingly powerful vampire who will stop at next to nothing to reach his goals. MC is a mole who secured themself a leading position in your clan to spy on you. After YC discovers mine is a mole, he decides to use that fact to his advantage...


    Avengers/Marvel cinematic universe
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    I play: Tony Stark (against female OCs, Pepper or Natasha or with Bruce, Loki or Steve, for others please ask), Bruce (against Natasha, Tony or OCs only!), Loki (against pretty much everyone, with a preference for Thor or Tony), Clint (preferably Natasha or Coulson)


    (Tony, Coulson, Steve or Thor)/Lady Loki: After an unfortunate accident not involving the Avengers, Loki gets stuck powerless and female with no where to go. The Avengers take pity or maybe decide this is the moment to capture Loki and one of them seems to feel very, very sorry for the poor lady.

    Coulson/(Lady)Loki: What no one knows is this: Coulsons cellist is no one other than a shapeshifted Lady Loki. Coulson finds out by accident, drama happens, feelings are hurt and it feels like things can never be the same.
    Maybe they'll work it out, or maybe there will just be glorious hate sex before all goes up in flames.
    (I would prefer you to play a bi Coulson with a switch Loki hear, but if that's not your cup of tea I'll take any other variations gladly)

    Tony/Bruce: Science, geekery and dealing with the dark sides of life.

    Dragon Age:
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    Pairings I like:
    Templar/Mage (mage can be a warden or a regular circle mage)
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