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I'm pretty new to doing commissions on iwaku- but I started drawing in general so I could draw my characters for roleplays since I know how hard it can be to find good pictures that fit your character, that's why I want to help out a little. Hope you're interested-

1) Sketch (portrait-5$ thigh high-10$ full body- 15$) (+5$ to add basic colours)
2) Portrait 12$ (+4$ for a basic background)

3) Bust/Upper body 16$ (+4$)

3) Thigh-high 22$

4) Fullbody Illustration 27$ (33$ with a basic background 40$ with background)

Payment methods- Paypal only.

What I can and can not draw-
1) humans (both genders, can include animal features such as ears/tails)
2) Outfits (though i require a reference or several)
3) Design elements (such as flowers, trees, succulents, plushies, etc.)
4) Gore (wounds, blood)
What I can not draw or highly dislike drawing-
1) anthro animals (Can't draw)
2) animals (Can't draw)

If you wish to request a commission or just need more information and examples- simply message me :D

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My strengths lie more in the direction of emotions and short-term ideas, where my ability to plan out long-term plots is weak. I do best with a partner who helps me cover that weakness.
Favorite Genres
I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

• Mixed Genre
• Multiverse
• High Fantasy
• Hard Fantasy
• Low Fantasy
• OP Fantasy
• Science Fantasy
• Modern Fantasy
• Soft Scifi
• Science Fantasy
• Low Scifi
• OP Science Fantasy
• Modern Realistic (Strict)
• Modern Realistic (Loose)
• Urban Fantasy
• Alternate History (Fantasy Preference)
• Post-Apocalyptic Mixed
• Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
• Post-Apocalyptic Scifi
• Post-Apocalyptic Modern
• Dystopia
• Displacement
• Military
• Dying Earth
• Supernatural
• Drama
• Mystery
• Horror
• Religious
• Crime/Detective
• Parody
• Comedy
• Tragedy
• Romance (Must Include Others)
• Erotic (Must Include Others)
Genre You DON'T Like
The list is short. because it's hard to find genres I don't enjoy.

• Yaoi/Yuri (Gay/Lesbian is fine!)
• Furry
• Fandom
• Historic Non-Fantasy