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  1. I'm looking for a master for a neko character I have in mind.
    Gem is a fierce little neko that made a bet with her friend (your character) that she could not be tamed by them.
    So they bet that she would stay with the friend for two months and the friend would be her master. If the friend could tame her in that time period, they'd win the bet and she would have to continue to be his for at least two more months.

    Now, she agreed to this bet, and has agreed that blood play is the only hard limit. Anything else is fair game. The friend could do as he wished with her with the goal of taming her into a sexual neko pet willing to please.

    But Gem is a fiesty wolf neko, and isn't about to make the friend's job easy on them. She plans on making their job hard by struggling and disobeying. After all, her friend wasn't strong enough for any punishment to hurt, right?
    (Wrong. Very wrong)


    So basically I'm looking for a very intense Dom/master for her. They will try to tame her into being a pet and sexual slave. Some examples of rules that I want the friend to enforce:
    •Gem must walk on all fours
    •Gem must eat on the floor from a bowl like a dog
    •Gem must pee and shit outside.
    •Master must wash her in the tub (or outside with the hose if she's bad) and she isn't allowed to wash herself
    •Walks on all fours on a leash in public.
    •Stuff like that

    My big fetishes:
    •Public Humiliation
    •Extreme Humiliation
    •Being used by toys or dicks or whatever almost constantly (for at least days or a week at a time if not always) so that she's never without stimulation and is constantly tormented at least slightly >:D
    •Fucking her till she's exhausted or begs to stop
    •Making her beg to climax
    •Orgasm denial
    •Chastity belts
    •Intense sexual torment/torture
    •Brutal Deepthroating/Gagging (can be with a strap on)
    •All holes tormented at once

    Think you can gimme all that? That would be amazing.

    Think your cruelty can tame this neko?
  2. *Peeks head in* If you'd be willing to give me a try I think I might be able to pull this off. That is if you dont mind my intense character...I figure for a tough cool character like yours theres needs to be an equally as interesting and tough man to counter it.
  3. I'm willing to do multiple of these, so it's still open!
  4. Oh dear god yessssssss. I would love to do this either as a male or female dominant!
  5. If your still looking for a Dom I would love to give it a shot.
  6. i'm interested into trying this as a female Dom.
  7. This is still open! I could go for a few more.

    (I might change my character's name for our rp so that I don't get our rp confused with my other rps of this)

    Think you're cruel enough to break her?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.