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    Call me Erin, Kate, or Katie.
    I'm a girl, and always will be.
    I'm currently 19 years old.
    I'm new to the site, but been role playing for a few years.

    I'm up for groups and one on one.
    Pool or Beach? Beach for sure.
  2. Greetings. Careful with the train though!

    (Edited to mention: I agree, beach is definitely better.:) )
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  3. I feel it my self-appointed duty to say that this is not a place for people to judge other people.
    Erin, please don't get discouraged, we try to be a nice bunch. I wish you good luck and much happiness.
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  4. Well, thanks for making that awkward, you two.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Erin. I'm one of the roleplay moderators here, so if you need help finding the morsels you crave, let me know.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Erinkate!

    Many awesome rps going on, hope to see you in some threads soon.
  6. Erin-sans! Kate? Hmmm.
    I'mma call you .... Katerin.
    There. o.O Or just Kat. How's that work? :3

    You are so gorgeous in that avi. <3 c:
    Welcome to Iwaku.
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  7. She's right, you know. :)
  8. /facepalm

    WELCOME TO IWAKU ERIN! Really glad to have you here and I hope you can make a lot of new friends and write many stories! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Most of us are very nice and we do encourage kindness towards others. Any problems with people, speak to the staff and stop by the chat sometime. I go by Mid in the chatroom, <3.
  9. Thank you everyone for the welcomes :) I appreciate it! And yes, I'm a little young to be pregnant, but I will love my little girl more than anything, and am already working to get everything ready and stable for her and I. I'd love to do with everyone! I love to do all sorts of fun, creative, and detailed things with my to so if any of you want to help me get started, I'd love the help!
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