My GrooveShark Broadcast!

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  1. Hey Iwaku, I have a broadcast going on right here! Come and suggest some songs! I''m open to almost anything, but please keep in mind, we have some listeners who don't like screamo, so none of that please! Almost anything else is accepted!! @F0X is streaming here on twitch, if you'd like to listen to music while you watch that!
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  2. Another broadcast going! I suppose I should say when I'm doing casts, instead of announce it after an hour or two of starting it, but ya know, it's whatever. Japanese songs! Songs from games! Songs, songs, songs galore! Join in on it, and suggest some stuff! We could use some Chinese, Korean, German, and another other language of song you can think of! I hope at least a few of you will come pay a visit!
  3. Still still broadcasting if anymore souls want to come join in and suggest some songs! Don't know how much longer I'll be casting, so if you want to get a song or two in, we're open to most suggestions! This will be the last update on this thread for tonight, so as not to anger any of staff, or others for that matter. Though if staff would like to join in on it, you're perfectly welcome to stop by!
  4. I'm broadcasting again, if anyone would like to listen to music with me :D
  5. Someone come keep me company, and Suggest some slow paced songs!!
  6. eyyy
    Screenshot_2015-01-30-20-09-17.png dats not supposed to happen

  7. @Lynne I'm casting now if you wanna stop by!
  8. I'm broadcasting now! It's country song night, so come join if you're a country song kinda person!
  9. Well hello, Amy! Hope your day is well!
  10. yes my day is thanks for asking what about yours
  11. @Echo! I have a shiny VIP badge on GS!!
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  12. hey did you do a broadcast tonight or to busy? anyways hope all is well and pm me sometime
  13. I'm about to get off for sleep after these last few songs. I didn't even realize it was 4:51 already.
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