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Hello there! First and foremost thank you so much for checking out my thread. Whatever inspired you to look at my thread (Honestly I think it was the yaoi XD) and check me out thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the read! I've been away from this site for a while, so love to return here and have fun!

So what exactly am I looking for? Well simply I'm a homosexual male who enjoy's himself a good romance between two men and does not mind doing what is needed to get it! There is of course many different categories of romance and all that will all be discussed, but first lets talk about some things that I feel are important for everyone to know.

1. There is a lot of information here and you maybe thinking "Holy ... do I need to read all that?" well no. This information is just all here to let people know what I'm into. At the end of the day as long as we click good everything should be fine.

2. Me and partners need to keep open communication. In the past people have abandoned rp's on me for no reason and it upsets me. If you have a problem with me or what is going on in roleplay please tell me. There is no way for me to know otherwise. If we don't work out, well just how life is.

3. Know that I've got dyslexia. Now there are sites online that I use in order for helping myself to understand posts, but sometimes things just don't hit my brain the way the writer intended. So if you see my post become something radically different from your post please come to me in a personal message and talk to me because most likely there is a good chance I totally misunderstood something.

4. I've got a happy medium with post length. More detail the better, but at the same time there is such a thing as to much detail. If we have like a whole book of text then pretty much going to say that's to much. Let's say ... three full paragraphs of text should get any post across, but I'm flexible.

5. I am the uke, bottom, sub or whatever you want to call me.

6. As someone who is trying to learn the rules and ways of this site something might be said or done that goes against something. Please notify me if this happens so it could be fixed as soon as possible.

7. This thread will be updated every now and then to make it look nicer and with new information. If you can think of anything that you think will be fun to add please don't hesitate to tell me!

Now that all that is out of the way lets get into the juicy details.


Please do keep in mind pairings, ideas and such would need to be discussed personally. Since the thread will already be so long I try to be mindful about such things. With all of that said here's my canons list.

Avatar the Last Airbender
DC/Marvel Comics
Death Note
Dragonball series
Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem Awakening
Future Diary/Mirai Nikki
Fullmetal Alchemist
God of War
Kid Icarus
Kingdom Hearts
Legend of Zelda
Megaman Franchise
Metal Gear Solid
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Resident Evil/Biohazard
Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4
Sgt Frog
Sly Cooper
Sonic series
Star Fox
Super Mario series
Yo-Kai Watch

Liked creatures

Original ideas

Let me start off by saying that these plots and ideas were already pre-made and are from a document I've made on my computer. As such grammar has been checked, but may not be perfect or spelling. If you see an error please let me know, also did my best to look around and make sure no rule breaking stuff was in here. If someone see's something please notify me immediately so it can be removed. With all that said hope you enjoy!

A new world

This one can be messed with, but basically its someone will have a disability. I'm thinking being deaf or blind, but it can extend to other things. The idea would be getting around it in a relationship and loving someone for more than their disabled status which in turn would make the person more clingy to the non disabled.

Blind Love

This one is pretty simple. Falling in love with a monster who looks are nothing to be writing home about. Something that looks downright grotesque even. Though even underneath Frankenstein's monster looks that creature has a heart of gold. One that will protect and love if given the chance. Most likely will be kidnapped in this one.

Case of mistaken identity

Girls look like girls and boys look like boys. The sun will rise tomorrow, any more obvious things you want to throw out there I hear you scream? Well there are is select few that are boys who look like girls. In this idea a man who would see himself as straight meets a man who looks very feminine and can't tell what he is. Things escalate and before he learns the truth it may have gone to far.

Doctor doctor

This idea would focus upon a doctor and patient who see each other quite a lot. The patient in this case is one that is sick often. Staying alive is a constant fight. His skin is white and the sun will damage it easily so he must wear those big sun hats and gloves with coats in the summer. His immune system is weak as an infants. The doctor starts to fall for his patient hearing more and more about his life and eventually wants to get in a relationship with him, maybe even move in together with him. The doctor just needs to make the offer once he comes in for the next appointment.


Ghosts are spirits of the dead who wonder the earth not able to depart from this world for a specific reason. Wondering the world confused and lost some don't even know they are dead. Some believe them to be violent but they really just want to find their way home. What if you fell in love with one?

He Could Be a Hero

A human who is more than just a human. They are super human. They have powers that no mortal has and can't share with anyone out of fear yet it eats away to have such powers and not talk to someone about them. To not use them with someone. Supressing a part of one's self. If only there were someone who were understanding and could care for him.

Heart of Texas

This is an idea that is very simple. It's taking a group of people typically seen as homophobes and turning at least one character gay. In the idea my character would be a "City boy." and is not used to the farm lifestyle. This boy is a tad feminine. Enough to show that he is gay and gets gay bashed. As things go on a guy who is part of the "Redneck, Hillbilly" crowd of people will be introduced. Someone who wears overalls all the time. Someone who does not wear shoes. Someone who has a thick southern accent, likes country music and the list can go on. This guy basically is built up to be a guy who will crack the gay guys skull in two like an egg then the day comes where the big southern guy comes in to contact with the gay guy. No one is around for miles. Nothing is there to save him from the corrupt view of things then a shocking twist of events comes about when said hillbilly says that the guy is cute and gives him a lovely kiss on the lips. Showing not only is the guy who seems to hate gays a gay himself, but has lovely breath, despite what the tails have said. It is a story breaking stereotypes while also enforcing some of them with the others. Two lovers from different worlds coming together and making a loving couple together.

Hot For Teacher

This is an idea where a smart up and coming teacher graduated early in his college career. He is very into teaching and helping others. In this system it is law that you graduate. So if you miss school or try to skip than that gets you jail time. The smart new teacher who is fresh at 21 comes in to contact with a student who has given up and does not care about school anymore. Just a freshman he is 18 and goofs off all the time. My character would start to follow him and try to inspire him. As his teacher he feels it is his job to make him care. So, he does things like take over detention duty so he can have some extra time with the kid. Tension would rise and eventually they would fall for each other. All the while keeping it secret as of course you do not date your teacher as a student. Its very taboo.

Love is complicated

Imagine if you will the love of your life is this beautiful woman. She is a bit tomboyish and always enjoyed playing with the boys, but hey it was an endearing part of her. So, you grow up and your best friends with her. The older she gets though it seems she moves more and more away from dresses, barbie dolls and make up instead picking up things like trucks, weights and tank tops. You have the courage to ask her out to the prom, but she refuses. Asking her why, begging to know why she rejected you, everything started to finally make sense. She is transgender.

My love, My Prince

In this idea the basic focus is on a prince who will fall for another man now this person can be a knight or commoner or another prince. They would sneak away to meet in private and love each other with passion and care. Kissing and loving each other. This is something I'd need others to discuss with. The plot would really help having multiple people in it. Like we need a King and Queen at least for the Prince to keep the idea that homosexuality is bad alive and show there is a real reason to sneak around. Possible family for the other character. It will be nuts, though I believe we can do it.

Law and order

This one is pretty simple. A police man falls for a criminal or vice versa. Two opposite sides of the law not supposed to be seen together falling for each other. It's not as developed as other ideas, but I think it has potential.

The Life and Death War

Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead. Sealed into a tomb for what seems like eons to him, but only it has been a few millennium's. The worship for him has deteriorated as time went on. This angered him and decided that he would cause war on the living. The death god needed to be released from his prison. A foolish young thief who is atheist would do the trick, in fact one just happened to want to try to steal the jewels from the black skinned god's sarcophagus. Once released he offers the one who releases him to be his slave and help him wage war on the living to get his revenge.

Losing my religion

You know what they say. It is hell getting into heaven. What if you fall in love with a demon, then it makes it worse. But then again you could fall in love with an angel. Though who knows how this would go. But what if you were an angel that was taken down to the depths of hell to be corrupted and slowly changed into a demon? That would be hell for sure! But oh so much fun.

Love is never language bound

This one is pretty simple. Two people who speak different languages and cant verbally communicate get stuck together somehow and fall for each other. They tell each other in various ways getting around the language barrier.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

I like the idea of falling in love with someone who is not mentally right. Not exactly someone fully into murder and a downright psycho path, but someone who is not mentally all there and would protect you with their life, but if you separate from them they will go full on bonkers and show how unwell they are. Family urging me to not be with him for my safety and I fight for him and his honor.

Of Dinosaurs and Men

So this idea is pretty basic, but I think could be expanded upon. The idea is simple. A time traveler successfully travels back in time to the time of dinosaur's. To the shock of the time traveler all dinosaur's were human like and spoke English. (Yes I know stupid and out there, but I love furries and scalies so roll with me.) Bumping into one dinosaur that finds him attractive he breaks the time traveling device and enslaves him in his house trapping the human in the past.

Satans Favorite

Deep in the bowels of hell the king of that realm keeps the world from being totally pure with his corruption and mayhem. His children, demons help do his bidding. Some are better than other's. But for the devil's favorite demon gifts can be given. Even something as strong as the wish to have a slave that not even Satan had control over would be done for him, in fact that was his most recent wish. It just so happens a closeted gay man who prays all the time and does all the right moves to go into heaven is the target of such fun. Shame all that work had to go to waste isn't it? Oh well.

Saving a Life

An animal who lives in the woods, gets attacked and is wounded. They lie down to the ground bleeding and in pain. Taking the animal and picking them up the human takes him to a cave in order to nurse their wounds. After they are fully nursed back to health, then the human tries to leave. The animal does not wish for the human to leave feeling a connection to them after such a kind deed. They do all they can to prevent them from leaving. (The animal will be a an anthro furry by the way. Just appeared wounded when my character first found him and couldn't tell.)


A boy with autism and negligence parents thought life could not get any worse. When learning he had mental powers and could not control them he became a run away. Now alone and detached from the world the boy with immense power but can't leash it feel that he must keep away from society to keep them all safe.


Tribe's can fun. Especially if you are in one. Think about it. Can be a tribe of wolf's or maybe a tribe of some race or maybe monsters it can be a tribe of any kind. But they are a group that lives by their own rules and look out for each other. Now then. What if someone from the tribe found another that they liked? Course the rest of the tribe can go and capture him or maybe that is against their beliefs to date outside the tribe or with the same sex. Maybe you tie that person up to keep them around under your watchful gaze and keep it all under working order. Who knows.

Why won't you love me?

A gay man and a straight male are friends and the straight man knows of the gay mans homosexuality. The homosexual male gets attracted to the straight guy. The straight male goes on so many dates with women and they always seem to fuck him over someway and the gay man listens to his problems and helps him out no matter what. It hurts the gay male to know if he was a woman or he was bi then they could be together and it would all work out.

The wild man

Somewhere deep in the wild life of Africa (Can be somewhere else, but Africa is the first place that came to mind.) there is a man who is a rebel against society. He does not bath. His hate for technology is great and there is not a single shred of clothing upon his body. Very little is known about this man, but it is believed the animals have been tamed by his hands and are at his command. The wind man may not be the cleanest creature around, but he sure as hell is strong. Almost superhuman like strength. This wild man is very lonely and sad. Despite how the man may feel about humans someone taking up his ways while he saves them is always something he fantasies about.

Zombie Uprising

Insert recycled virus plot here that brings the dead back and can kill people and make them all just like a zombie. Ya I've got nothing new to add that video games and movies have not done already. I'm just fond of the idea. This idea is one of few that will require some violence and some gore. This is a zombie plot after all. Guns will be fired, heads will explode and all that fun stuff. Of course I love some gay romance survival stuff to happen, but ya there we go.

Species/creatures I like.

I've always enjoyed creatures who were not fully human. That of course doesn't mean no human can ever message me, but these creatures are one's that will get my heart if you play them or some form of them.

Aligator (Furry anthro)
Avian (Furry anthro)
Bear (Furry anthro)
Bull (Furry anthro)
Cat (Furry anthro)
Crocodile (Furry anthro)
Deer (Furry anthro)
Dog (Furry anthro)
Dinosaur (Furry anthro)
Elephant (Furry anthro)
Fox (Furry anthro)
Goat (Furry anthro)
Gorilla (Furry anthro)
Lion (Furry anthro)
Lizard (Furry anthro)
Monkey (Furry anthro)
Otter (Furry anthro)
Panther (Furry anthro)
Puma (Furry anthro)
Rhino (Furry anthro)
Snake (Furry anthro)
Tiger (Furry anthro)
Unicorn (Furry feral or anthro)
Wolf (Furry anthro)

Themes I like to explore in rp
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