My God, It's Full of FILL IN THE BLANK

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  1. DA GAME

    ___1___ is so ___2___ he/she makes __3___ look like ____4____.

    1 and 3 have to be the names of Iwaku members.

    2 and 4 are anything your sick little mind can produce.


    Torsty is so white he makes Asmo look like Dave Chappelle.
  2. Chaos is so derpy that he makes Fel look like epicawesomeface.
  3. Moonlit is so BI he makes Zypher look like Dorkness.
  4. Sakura is so cute she makes Fluffy look like Al Bundy.
  5. Tegan is so ARR MATEY he/she makes Ocha look like WHOA NELLY.
  6. Diana is so gonna get married she makes Tegan look like a spinster.