My fox needs some lovin

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  1. [​IMG]So far, my only requirements, are at least two-thee paragraphs each post. Decent grammar, and thats probably about it. I have several fun cute plots in mind if anyone is interested and im pretty much open to everything. Shoot me a PM or Reply here if interested :)
  2. I'd Be interested in an RP with him, But I have a quick favor to ask before hand. I am un-able to look up images or post images, and My descriptive writing skills for describing people, and characters in general is awful (and I'm still workign on it) So would you be willing to look up a couple suitable different character images and let me pick from them? If yes, I really like the character's wolfy nail Draws but there a little bit more on the graphic side such as nudity and such so If you decide to pick from his work, Just PM them too me and I can choose from those. ^__^ Thanks!

    Also some different plot ideas that you have I'd like to read those so I can pick the right character for the plot.