My Forgotten Love ((Gay Romance seeking parnter))

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  1. My Character: Preston Ellingswood

    the hot July sun beamed down on my friend and I as we walked down the boardwalk toward the beach. You could not have asked for a better summer vacation, but unfortunately, it was the last full week of vacation before we had to re-enter that hellhole called high school. I walked very close to my best friend, the closer I was to him the safer I felt. I longed to put my hand in his and lace my fingers with his. "Look I've got to tell you something..." I paused and looked down at my feet nervously as he sat down on a bench in front of me staring at me curiously with that cute grin on his face. "I'm..." I paused again and breathed deeply as I sat down beside him and looked into his beautiful eyes. "I'm gay." I whispered and turned my eyes to the sea. "I'm also in love with you I think." I said softly and glanced nervously at him from the corner of my eye. "You know I’m right to have these kind of feelings toward you, I mean we have practically been together every single day since kindergarten." I smiled and was about to say something else when several gunshots rang out, and as the last shot rang out over the screaming, people the bullet went straight through my neck. I fell to the ground my scarlet blood soaking into the white sand. The last thing I remembered before blacking out was my friend lifting me into his arms and running.

    In the ambulance, I entered into a very deep coma. The coma lasted for exactly two months. During that time, I lost all of my memories of friends, family, and things I used to like. I lost a lot of muscle mass and became very weak and frail... When I awoke I was lost, I had no idea where I was and who the people around me was I didn't even know who my best friend was.


    My family who's only concern was there public image left me to fend for myself, to access my memories alone. Luckily, my friend and his wonderful family took me in to help me. He promised me he would help me remember everything, and I allowed this complete stranger to take me in.

    I awoke to the smell of breakfast downstairs, my friend’s mother was up early cooking as she had been for the past couple of weeks and it smelled so good! I walked over to my friends bed smiling as I sat down beside him "Hey wake up. Your mom has got breakfast cooking." I whisper, very gently poking him in the arm. I giggled when he grumbled sleepily in reply
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  3. Adam was still schocked by the turn of events that had happened. His best friend Preston had told him that he was gay, and not only that but that he loved him, and then was shot. His mind was fuzzy and still trying to comprehend the events that happened. Everything changed so quickly and he wasn't sure how to deal with it all.

    He constantly had nightmares about the incident and not only that but his bestfriend dosent even remember him or his family. It pained Adam to look at preston, but he promised that he would help him throught it no matter what. Just as he was sleeping peacully he felt someone shake him and when he opened his eyes he saw preston. " hmm? Breakfast". He sat up shirtless and only in his boxers. Getting out of bed he streached.
  4. "Yes breakfast." I say with a bright smile. As he gets up and stretches he is so handsome and so sweet, I remember when he and his mother accepted me into their home he asked me if I could remember him and our friendship, I said I culd not remember anything. I told him that I was sure we were friends even though I couldn't remember I could swear there was a connection between us. I felt terrible for saying I couldn't remember, I could see it hurt him but i could not lie to him. I walk back over to my bed still in my rather large t-shirt and boxers. The t-shirt was from before the shooting when i had a great deal of muscle but now i was way smaller than before. I sit on my bed Indian style and smile at him. "So what do you have up your sleeve for us today?" I ask him, an expectant yet playful look on my face. Although I could not remember anything the past few weeks had been so much fun like we had always been together. I trusted him with my life...
  5. Adam looked over at Preston and then smiled slightly looking at him in his large t shirt and boxers. He didn't know what to say and he just stood there for a moment lost in thought. " well...". He stumbled to find the right words or any words at all. " We could go swimming if you want. He watched him sit on the bed and then he looked away for a moment. " So um do you remember your sexuality?.

    He was curious to know. When preston told him he was gay he was in shock but not totally. He had the feeling that preston liked him more than a friend but wasn't sure. It wasn't that he had a problem with it, it was just that it made him confused because he kinda had the same feelings tword him. ( are you talking in first person?)
  6. I smiled back at him, wow his smile is pretty. "Sounds like fun, everything we've done together so far is fun." I say and run my fingers through my messy hair. I wondered for a moment if I made Adam nervous, nervous in a good way? I'm surprised by what he asks me though. "Well..." I smile, "I think your pretty good looking, so I am pretty sure i am gay, though I cannot remember if thats how it was before." I say, playing shyly with my baggy shirt. If I was gay before, the accident I would have wanted him as my boyfriend. I feel a warmth rise to my pale cheeks.

    "So should we go down to breakfast?" I ask and walk past him, poking him playfuly in the side as I walk by.

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    Adam watched as Preston played with his loose shirt before sayin he was gay. He looked at him for a moment and he felt his heart racing but he had no clue why. It was weird that he had a strange feeling. " You know its cure when you play in your hair like that". He chuckled before standing up and laughing when he poked his sides.

    " Yeah lets head down for breakfast". Before Preston could reach the stairs he grabbed his hand pulling him back and he looked down at him. " I dont mind that your gay". He smiled before kissing his cheek breifly and then walking down the stairs and sitting at the table. Adam was shocked that he did that but he didn't regret it either.
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    I blush even brighter when he says i'm cute. and my blush only gets brighter when he kisses my cheek. I was not expecting that at all. I couldn't believe he liked me. I watched him go down the stairs to the kitchen, I stood there in shock, my chhek warm where he placed the gentle kiss, My hand goes t othe spot where he placed the kiss. I smile to myself. He didn't mind I was gay? but he didn;t say he was gay even if he kissed me on the cheek, I mean friends do that right? I shrug and walk down the stairs.

    In the kitchen I sit down at the table beside him and look at him, he is so beautiful, the morning light touching him. My attention turns to his mother who looks at me and gives a sad smile, Adam's mother still seemed to feel bad for me and what happened. I say good morning to her. "Soooo I was thinking, of what we could do after swimming. But i can't think of anything good." I tell Adam, and pout playfuly.
  9. Adam started on his breakfast thanking his mother and then he watched as Preston walked down the stairs to join them. He smiled slightly before eating a pancake and then a strip of bacon. He was glad to see preston in a good mood, it made him happy. " Hmm well i mean we cann go skateboarding or just a walk out by the feild.". He watched at the way Preston and he looked away quickly.

    He suddenly felt tempeted to kiss his cheek again but restisted it for the fact that his mother was at the table and would be shocked as hell. Once he was finish he placed his plate in the dishwasher. " Imma head in the shower". He walked upstairs and then headed into the bathroom pulling off his boxers and stepping into the shower.

  10. I look at him for a moment but we both look away my cheeks turning a soft pink. I notice Adam's mom looking at us, and feel nervous what if she finds out? would she be mad? or would she accept us? I had to at least tell her that I was gay. I nibble at my breakfast, to many butterflies in my stomach to really eat a full breakfast. I Thanks Molly as well. "A walk sounds good." I say softly to him.

    Adam finished his breakfast and goes upstairs to take a shower, I am left alone with Molly. I look at her and she smiles, I smile back nervously. "Molly thank you so much for letting me stay here, no one else I think would have ever let me stay." She nods and continues to smile. "Please don't think badly of me because of what I am about to say." I fumble nervously with my shirt. "I'm gay..." I say not daring to look up at her. The n she speaks. "I know you are, i've seen how you look at Adam." She says and comes around the table, she warmly embraces me. "I would rather you for him then some girl who could wind up pregnant." She says and chuckles. "Your a great kid Preston, never feel like you can't talk to me about something." I sit back and smile at her "Thank you for being understanding." I say softly and embrace her one more time.

    I put my plate away and go into the living room and turn the television on, knowing Adam is still showering.

  11. After spending awhile in the shower he stepped out and driend off feeling relived that it was a warming shower. Heading into his room he searched in his drawer and pulled out some boxers and put them on, and then he placed his towel on his bed and walked over to his closet. Looking through his clothes he put on and obey t shirt and then some cargo shorts and jordans.

    He put his swimming trunks and towel in his bag before walking downstairs to see his mother looking at him and he immeditally knew that his mom knew Preston was gay. He gave his mom a weak smile before joining Preston on the couch. " Im ready when you are so hurry up an get dressed. His mom smiled and then grabbed her keys. " Ill be gone for the day please dont ruin the house". Adam nodded and watched her leave.
  12. I smile and nod at him. I hurry up the stairs and rummage through my bag that I had brought with me and found a pair of swimming trunks and a sleeveless shirt, I quickly change into them, I stop before I reach the door and look in the mirror, I fix my hair as best I can, it's always to messy. I walk downstairs where he is waiting by the door. I'm shyly playing with my hair again as touch the bottom step. "lead the way." I say and smile. As I follow him, I have the need to hold his hand. i walk up beside him and wrap my arm around his. H is warm and smells so good. "I told your mom I am gay" I whisper. "She is perfectly fine with it." I look at him and smile. "She also told me, she thinks I would be good for you, she already knew i was gay apparently." I say

    My stomach is still fluttering as i tell him these things, I am still unsure of how he feels. If he didn' feel the same way and wanted to be friends I would understand and back off of him, but the connection I felt with him was so strong, like it was meant to be.
  13. Adam watched as Preston walked down the stairs anda he smiled as he played with his hair. When he walked up to him as they were walking and wrapped his arm around his, adam looked at him but didn't say anything. His heart was racing and his mind was mushy. " My mom kew about you being gay?'. He was schocked to say the least but not that supprised.

    When Preston told him that his mom thought he was good fro him he was scocked. He didn't think his mother would say somthing like that, she must know he liked Preston otherwise she wouldn't have told him. As they made there way to the lake he pulled off his shirt and shorts before going in his bag and putting on his swimming shorts and he walked into the lake. " Wow she thinks that, then she might be right". he winked at Preston.
  14. I smile, "Yeah she knew, she said she thinks she's noticed how I look at you." I say as we make our way out to the lake. "Your mom is apparently very observant. I could tell he was shocked, his breathing had changed like he was nervous, and he seemed to be warmer, he must have been blushing.

    I let go of his arm as he pulled off his shirt, and thats when I blush, he is so handsome, a beautiful body. I stand on the bank as he goes into the water, then he says something surprising. " Wow she thinks that, then she might be right". I blush brightly,and again I am shyly playing with my hair, a habit I usedto have before the shooting. I do not pull off my shirt, i am a little self concisous. My body is a great deal smaller than it was before the shooting. I put my feet in the cold water, the slowly walk in, staying close to Adam...
  15. Adam walked into the lake feeling the cold water against his feet and then his lower legs until it got to his waist. The lake wasn't dirty like other ones, the water was slightly clear and you could see the small fish swimming around. He turned and watched as Preston kept his shirt on and walked in next to him. " You know its hard to swim with a shirt on right?"".

    He turned tword Preston and pulled off his shirt throwing it onto the land and then he smiled. " Thats much better". He grabbed his waasit pullling him closer to his body for a moment, his body was warm adnAdam grinned before letting go and going underwater. He looked around at the fishes swimming before comming back up for air.
  16. I watch Adam for a moment, entranced slightly by his beauty. He is gorgeous, if he wanted he could easily get a career as a model. I walk out a little further the water around my waist now. I look at Adam, still close by me. before I can decline taking my shirt off he comes up next to me and pull it over my head and throws it on the bank. I feel his strong arms wrap around me, and i'm drawn against his warm body. I feel the intinct to try and tiptoe to kiss him, he is a great deal taller than I am. I couldn't get my kiss, he quickly broke the moment and went under water, he comes back up a moment later for air, I take the oppurtunity to splash him before he goes back down...
  17. Adam laughed when he was splashed by Preston and then he realized that he was going in for a kiss. He swam around anad then floated for a few looked around in the water. He swam over and splashed preston before pulling his body down in the water so only his face was showing. He leaned in slowly and kissed his lips and then cuckled. " damn mabey i shouldn't have done that". A smile formed on his face for a moment and then he started to swim away.
  18. I watch how adam swims around and can not help but laugh as he approaches me, He reminds me of a shark as he circles me. Before i can get away he has me trapped in his strong grasp I giggle softly as he pulls me into the water, then what I wanted to happen happens. His soft warm lips touch mine. Everything seems to freeze and the moment lasts for a long time. He pulls away a moment later chuckling lightly. "I'm glad you did, you only made me want another." I tease, but he swims away, and of course I swim after him. I had followed him for so long, even before the shooting though I could not remember that.
  19. Adam chuckled and watched as Preston swan after him. He never thought about kissing a guy but preston was diffrent and he knew he had feelings for him. He was going to tell him but then he got shot. When he saw the preston was getting closer he swam under water for a few moments and wound up behind him.

    He pulled him back so that he was pressed against him from behind. He knew he was getting horny so he realsed preston and then swam to the shallow part and stood up but quickly sat down when he realized he had a hard on.