My first 1x1 Any takers ?

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  1. I am open to trying out pretty much any genre.
    If possible i prefer to play human/humanoid characters.
    My grammar isn't perfect but I make a conscious effort to keep it as neat as possible, please return the favor.
    No one line replies, make it interesting for both of us, I wont do it either :).

    So far I have done some fantasy and zombie apocalypse, and just started a romantic. That is as far as my experience goes.

    I am online everyday unless something IRL stops me.

    Send me a PM or reply on the thread if you are interested.

    P.S. I am trying to sound formal here.... I'm actually quite easy going :) <3
  2. I would love to roleplay with you. :) Just send me a message and we can figure something out. ;)
  3. hello, i would like to role play with you if that is ok. if i do role play with you it's going to be my first time! uhm if you want to role play with me message me if you want.
  4. I'm interested if you want to do an action you're of roleplay
  5. Like in a group or 1x1 ??
  6. HELLO HUMEN!! always wanted to do that but anyways i would L O V E to do an rp with you you sound like fun ^^
  7. Herro ! Well that would be because I am awesome ! Self acclaimed awesomeness.... The best kind.
  8. *hand on my heart* aww that so kind of you to say about yourself
  9. Hehe, your sarcasm is noted. So do you have anything in mind ?
  10. thanks for noticing and i was thing maybe something zomibe like
    or maybe something real life with no zombies tryng to eat my brain
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  11. Its ok, I really enjoy sarcasm...... ( <----- I hope that is not wasted.....)

    Zombies, I can work with zombies, were you thinking 1x1 or as a group?
  12. im up with what ever you want im ok with both but here's a BIG no HUGE warning i am scared of zombies no joke i am scared. i watch them i rp with them but i am still scared of them. dont know why but im scared of zombies even though i rp and watch them every day of my life becuase of people aka my mother.
  13. Haha, so what you are saying is, you want grueling descriptive scary ass zombie posts ?
  14. no dont no no no N s to the Nos.

    you know what sure.
    you say: realy
    I say : no
  15. Haha, Well i can work with zombies, I am in a really good one already but I am happy to start up a second.
  16. Alright! *jump up and down*
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  17. Zombies it is then. We need to come up with a setting, characters, zombie type and starter ! *Poses dramatically*
  18. Poses dramatically aswell* so we must talk throuth pm?
  19. I'd be interested if you're still looking. I do fantasy/magical sort usually.
  20. Yeah always looking for good RP's

    Message me :)

    ( my lore may need a bit of work)
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