My final farewell.

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  1. Who knew so much could change, in such a short time.
    i had it all. A wonderful girl, friends, respect; happiness.
    Then, I was introduced to this place.

    I don't belong here, that's obvious.

    When I came here, I lost it all.
    I guess, though, I had to fall. To lose it all.

    In the end, it truly doesn't matter. Being in this place, this accursed place, it brings me nothing but painful memories. I had the greatest girl in the world. But, none the longer. Like a rock under pressure, I shattered.

    I don't have much to say, about any of you people here, but what I want to say is that being here has brought me absolutely nothing but pain. Every single day, whenever I come here, I'm reminded of the heartache and sorrow, it tears me up inside. As I write this, with tear filled eyes, the pain surges.

    -Wipes the tears from his eyes-

    I guess this isn't exactly kind, but it's my bittersweet goodbye.

    -Turns away, then walks over and picks up his jacket, then slips it on and picks up the bottle of sake and his sword, then turns back-

    This is the end of my reign here. I'm sorry. I need this.

    -Sighs, slightly, sliding the sword into the sheath and placing the bottle of sake back on the sash; tying it, then turns away and begins walking, only glancing back and whispering slightly before walking into the eternal darkness; forever leaving-

  2. Farewell Aquaintence I never knew, I say to you goodbye, Adieu.

    It's kinda sad you have to go, these are first and last words you hear from Ruikio.

    It's really bad so much ended that way, I'm sad you're done with Iwaku Roleplay.

    I'm sure we probably could've been good friends, I'm sorry that this has to end.

    ~goodbye... from Ruikio~
  3. I have never seen such a sad goodbye :( I didn't know you but I just thought I would say goodbye and sorry for the way things ended for you here ...
  4. ​Didn't know you. But. That is sad to read. /:
  5. ...I have no comments what so ever. But goodbye
  6. ... I don't think that I know who you are?
    But it's sad, I guess, that you think of us that way.
    Bit extreme to blame us all for you being upset, since I'm not sure that we've met...
    But if that is how to feel, may you travel safely.
  7. Maybe I'm just being an ass... but I only see 12 posts by you... Looks like you joined in February of this year... you are tearing up over 12 posts and not even 3 months of time. I'm sorry you lost your girl, that's tough. Here's a tissue. Glad I missed your "reign." Buh-Bye.

    Was that too rude?

    Oh well, guess I am an ass.
  8. o__o

    That was beautiful, man.

    *picks up his teacup, sips it slightly, narrows eyes, turns shoulder, looks at finance in bed beside him, smiles slightly on one corner of his mouth, puts down the cup, logs out of Iwaku*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.