My Doodles

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  1. Ok, before I post some of my artwork, I just want everyone to know I would like for them to comment and tell me what they think of it. But this isn't all my artwork I have too many too actually put them all down. lol.
    Just click the links below to view them. I will add more later.

    This is just a random witch that I decided to draw out of boredom-
    This is an Eagle I drew...which took me several long days to complete-
    One of my favorites, A7X Death Bats-
    Captain Jack Sparrow-
    Couarge The Cowardly Dog-
    My Character Zack-
    My Character Essence-
    My Character Dagger-
    My Character Fang-

  2. I don't know if you want constructive feedback or not?

    I like the eagle quite a lot, though. The feathers are quite nicely done.
  3. I would like some constructive feedback.