My Demon Guardian??

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  1. This idea had been floating around my brain for a while now, and this is the basic plot for the idea:

    My character, who is a demon, has to repent for all his bad deeds and tricks in order to become an angel and get into heaven. In order to do that, the council of angels, have decided that he must become the guardian of a mortal. Obviously he has no clue to do that, the only hint he was given was that he had to save a mortal from danger first. And that is where your character comes in, they are on their way home from work/school and a carless driver isn't paying attention. They're are too busy paying attention to their cellular device. Your character is about to get ran over or run down by the vehicle and my character saves them from their date with death. And so begins their guardian and mortal ship.

    The human character can either be male or female it doesn't matter.
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  2. Wow, this seems really interesting! I love the plot and wouldn't mind roleplaying it. Just reading the plot idea made a whole story just pop into my head, so that's really great!
  3. Thanks. Depending on how this goes, I can tweak it and also have my demon character start falling in love with human he is supposed to protect. Oh and would you be playing male or female?
  4. No problem! I'll play as a female, if that's okay with you. And I really love that idea, I think it would be really interesting.
  5. That's ok that you play female. Ok and would you mind if I posted the CS here?
  6. No I don't mind, go on ahead.
  7. Ok, here it is.


    you can add to it if you like.
  8. Alright thanks!

    Name: Ash Erlin

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Race: White; Human


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  9. Approved, after I eat I will post my character
  10. Okay, sounds good!
  11. Name: Syke
    Age: Really 400, but looks in his mid 20s
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon
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  12. Alright, so is there going to be a thread you'll post?
  13. Yes, I will be posting an IC thread ASAP.
  14. Cool, I can't wait!
  15. And if you need to, you can put the link here so that I can know when you've posted the thread :D

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  16. Alright, I'm so sorry I have been busy lately. But I haven't forgotten at all.
  17. Alright thanks, and it's okay!
  18. Im super interested in that idea. Not sure if you'd like to do this with two different outcomes?
  19. Im interested if youre still looking
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