My Dearest Sister

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  1. Taylor and her older brother are as close as a brother and sister can be without it being weird. They are almost always kind to each other, have family time together, and sometimes hang out on their own free time. With this is getting to know each other too, but of course, some things are left unknown.

    On a slightly chilly Saturday afternoon, close to evening; it's already getting dark out. Taylor and ___ are together in his room, watching TV while cuddled up together. Taylor leans back into ___'s lap, as he always pulls her back onto him. Their parents are just leaving for work, for they work in the evening and return in the late morning.

    As the door closes downstairs, Taylor sits up. "Finally, they're gone! Now I can go get some food without a lecture." "And by food," the boy put his arms around her once again and gently pulled her back into a cuddling kind of embrace. "you mean that junk Mom and Dad said you can't have." "Oh whatever, it won't kill me!" She says playfully. After a second, she quickly gets up and rushes downstairs to the kitchen, knowing __ won't feel like going after her. He chuckles and keeps watching his TV. That is, until he hears a beeping. Tay's phone.

    Being close to his sister and knowing her alternative password (though she doesn't know he knows), he opens her phone and opens her texts, surprised, but really not really believing what he reads.

    He thought he knew his sister, but apparently not as much as he thought. His eyes flicker side to side as he reads texts between her and this guy she never talks about, planning to engage in sexual activity soon. The boy is doing most of the talking. ___ winces in disgust at him. And by the responses of his sis, and with knowing her well, he can tell she has just about no idea what he's talking about. He knows for a fact she's a virgin, and is pretty naive in the sexual world. He knows because he checks her social media sites and history- everything but her phone - as a chore for their parents. And out of protection of brotherly love of course. He however, was pretty experienced. He knew the ups and downs, enough to know what a girl, and he himself, would like and dislike. He wasn't too experienced though, he only made love with people he had long relationships with.

    But seriously, what would posses his innocent baby sister to- well, maybe he is exaggerating -his little sister to agree to have sex with some teenage and probably immature boy from school?! Especially when she has no idea how dangerous that is on so many levels?! If anything, it would be way safer to just get pleasure from him! He's experienced, kind, and loves her more than anyone else ever would! He wouldn't leave her or make fun of her after being her first. He would be gentle and make her feel better than others can. Thoughts of it begin to creep into his head, making him shift a little bit. Stop that. But it's not so bad to think of... you could even use your kinks on her and make her feel better than she ever has before. Well, she's a virgin, and has never done anything sexual before, so... better than anything she might experience later.

    ___ is so caught up in his shock, he didn't realize Tay walking back in. She stopped at the door and looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. "What are you doing with my phone?"


    I'm wanting this rp to have plot before, after, and between mature scenes (if there are multiple). And if necessary, we can add some people in.

    PLEASE PLEEEAASE ONLY DO THIS if you are planning to respond at least twice a day and be active, not disappearing when you lose interest or just don't feel like it.

    Feel free to add your kinks into this rp that your char can have, which is why I checked the tags of this rp. Don't worry, i I don't judge. :) Please have your character be at least three years older than mine if you don't care. And lastly, I'm wanting this rp to be in PMs. You can give me your CS on here or PMs, doesn't matter. Thanks and happy roleplaying! :)

    P.S. I just realized I put this is present tense. Sorry! Let's change that when we start going okay? ;p lol

    And yes, if you really wanna do this and someone else has already applied, it's okay! I'll rp with you too! :)

    SORRY, that's all, promise :P


    (She also has dimples)
    AGE: 14

    WEARING: Gray sweatpants and a solid pink tee shirt, barefoot
    KINKS: N/A
    LIKES: Junk food, cuddling, being happy, jumping on the trampoline, more TBA(?)
    DISLIKES: Being talked down to, people being rude to her
    MANNERISM(S): Biting her nails when nervous

  2. I'll rp with u this seem pretty fun I haven't rp for awhile but I'll warm up a bit :D
  3. Cool beans, I'll PM you!
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