My creepy family

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  1. So mom had a few empty bottles of Crystal Skull Vodka, because those bottles are too cool to recycle. Recently the dad & I went across the border to buy mum some more booze and she decided to poor her coffee liquor out of the plastic jugs and into something easier to manage. image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. Remember that whenever you hear a sound downstairs or in the hall, don't go, or you'll be frightened to death by your mum's great ideas.
  3. That is awesome. OOH, a Bunny!
  4. That's pretty badass
  5. I would just have filled them with cherry Kool-Aid. This is a much better idea.
  6. The point was to be creepy, I guess. However, Cherry Kool-Aid would be like blood, it could actually be creepier.
  7. The closest thing to that I have is my Sugar, salt, flour and teabag jar on my counter.

    In reality, one in particular. They're listed appropriately as "Sugar, Salt, Flour, and Your Mom."