My cat can fetch.


Cosmic Orion

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No seriously, he's THAT awesome.

I taught him in around a week and a half to not only fetch but drop the ball when I say "drop". I actually HAD to teach him "drop" or you all would have witnessed the stage where he would just walk right past me with the ball into another room. He'd still want to play fetch but then I'd have to follow him in there to get the ball. And I'm too lazy for that kind of shennanigans every single time I throw a ball.

That's right, I taught him all by myself. No fancy expensive pet trainer or anything like that. The only slight problem, if you want to even look at it as one, is that he now brings me the ball everday, just like a dog would when he wants to play fetch. And I have to play with him until he gets tired. Otherwise the rascal gets all sadface.

Excuse the quality of the video, it's recorded on a cellphone.

And try to ignore my fawning over my cat. I'm just a giant derp. >_>;;;;;;;;;;;
Holy fuck...That's either a derpy cat...

Or you Sir, are goddamn AWESOME.
My cat can fetch, too. She does it EXACTLY that way, too. XD Cats are so crazy when they're chasing somethin'. But... She taught herself. I taught her nuttin'. Only reason she does it so often now is because she forces me to play.

That's super adorable, Orion. First giggle to my morning.
XD That is awesome and adorable! <3 My cats are lazy and laze around all day.... >> Only exercise my cat gets is when he is chased by a dog. <_<;
Still, that is awesome. *giggle* <3