My Body is a Cage (Adoption, Family Drama idea)

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  1. My idea is that my character is a transgender boy in a foster home. You would play the family that adopts him (parents and maybe three kids, two around his age and one younger) but they don't know he's trans, so they just think that he's a boyish girl. He has to dress like and live as a girl, and it causes him to become really depressed. He slowly bonds with your characters and eventually comes out as transgender to the adoptive sibling he's closest to (he's either forced or just comes out because your character is worried about him), who doesn't react badly to it. The other sibling closest to him in age eventually somehow finds out and doesn't really understand it, so they get really angry about it. The rest of the family's reactions are up to you. I was also thinking that both of the older kids might have some of their own issues that they have to deal with. That's all I have so far in terms of plot. We can make things up as we go. If you have any ideas of how to make the plot a bit more dramatic, feel free to suggest them. (I'm not good with romance though, thought I should mention that.)

    My requirements:
    -Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave.
    -Please be advanced or at least adept. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling and grammar, and please be detailed. I can make exceptions at times. This is a big thing for me. I get annoyed when people can't do this. I don't mind a few screw ups, but if you 'typ LIek diss' and don't use decent capitalization and punctuation I'll most likely drop the thread. If you can't think of what to reply with, PM me and I can add a bit more.
    -Be active PLEASE. I'm online most every day. I haven't Rped on a while due to real life issues, and I understand you might need to drop. If you do please PM me first. I've RPed with people who have completely just disappeared.

    Samson "Sam" Ridgewell (Samantha Ridgewell is his birth name)
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: light turquoise
    Samson is a quiet boy, and isn't quick to open up to people, but he does tend to become rude and mouthy when treated poorly. He was left at an foster home by his birth mother as a baby and has no memory of her, or any idea why she left him. He is particularly gifted in anything to do with computers and technology. He takes a great interest in building things -and finding out how things work, and is almost constantly messing around with something, taking things apart and putting them back together again. He likes sports, though he's never been more than proficient at anything aside from boxing. He's never had many friends, and he has even less now that he's come out as transgender. He had to dress almost completely feminine up until he hit the age of twelve, and then he started dressing more masculine, taking whatever punishment the foster homes gave him, and everyone just saw him as a tomboy. Before that, he often cut and burned himself, and then for some time after. Before he came out girls didn't want to be around him because he was far too masculine for them, and most of the boys didn't want a girl in their games. After he came out, nothing really changed, except for him being left with even less friends. He was still referred to as Samantha by nearly everyone no matter where he was placed, no matter how much he begged to at least be called simply "Sam." He's grown used to being either constantly picked on, or ignored almost completely, and has switched schools twice, both times having been accidentally outed by classmates. He knows people are going to leave him, but that doesn't really lessen the sting. He has a strong fear of abandonment, though he keeps it pretty well hidden. He binds his chest in order to keep his breasts hidden.
  2. Hello, I am very interested in trying this.
  3. Okay! Could you PM me character sheets?
  4. I messaged you, I have a question or two before I send the character sheets though, nothing major
  5. hi, if you're still interested in rping with someone.... I had an idea for this character. So:

    Family is known for adopting. Has three kids; one biological, oldest and moved out, middle child, adopted from Korea, and youngest, foster child. The middle child is a girl who's the epitome of a tom-boy. She's straight, but she's just a complete tom-boy. She's also the same age as Sam and they share a room in the house. The oldest is a student teacher at the school. Youngest has NAS, born addicted to heroin and is often doted on by the parents...Parents are very cool and laid back, but they are Roman Catholic and don't believe in transgender.
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