My Bad, writing

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  1. Here you are, sitting down in front of your computer, writing out an awesome scene. Maybe you'd been contemplating it for days and finally have been inspired, maybe the muse just took control and whatever else you might have been doing had to be abandoned.

    You write it, you're finished, you pat yourself on the back. And then you re-read it.

    How could you have made such a mistake!

    Alright, so my spelling is horrible, and I likely make grammatically errors left and right, but the thing that bothers me, the thing that I go back and go "WHY!" is when I over use a word. Not a simple word, like 'said', though I do try not to overuse that, but something with a particular feel I'm going for in the scene, like 'contemplate'.

    What annoys you with your own writing?

    (Oh, see, I did it again!)
  2. Overly florid word choice for me. I'm working on it.
  3. Almost everything annoys me about my writing. Poor vocabulary, poor sentence structure, grammatical errors..ectect. I tend to write posts too long as well..much longer than they need be, with too much filler.

    If I didn't enjoy forum rp so much, I probably wouldn't write at all.
  4. Underwriting the story. ei: Not going into enough detail.
  5. Basil and Fel need to team up and make the best story ever!
  6. I have a tendency to be repetitive in vocabulary, sentence structure and, hell, even my content! Most of the time, proof-reading and editing helps this, but... Blawrghargh.
  7. I speak not english very well. ;_;
  8. The structure of some of my sentences peeve me. I make them too complex and sometimes, they're written in a way that I know an English professor wouldn't approve. I used to have a problem where I'd make sentence fragments aall of the time in essays and reports. I know how to correct them, I'm just less strict on myself when it comes to making roleplay posts.

    Still, though... Makes me shake my head.
  9. Same sentence structure over and over again until I want to rape myself.

    Blah blahed the blah blah, blahing the blah blah blah. Blahing, he blahed the blah, blahing the blah. Blah blah blah blah blah, blahing the blah with a blah.

    Goddam past continuous verbs. I use them because I think it make the reader feel "in the moment", but it just ends up becoming a mess of action.

    Turning to the man, he spoke while listening, waiting for a chance to act, recognising that it was not now.

  10. I try to proof read what I write - but than I delete it all and start over. I will repeat this process until I stop myself. Usually the end result being ten times worse than the original. At least in my own mind. I have the same problems that I see repeated above.
  11. I have a big problem with what I like to call "word dyslexia". Where entire words get replaced with completely different, unrelated words and my sentence ends up looking like a mash of gibberish. I though at first that it was because my typing is faster than my brain can compute, but apparently I even do this when I'm writing stuff by pen and paper. c_____c AND to make it worse, even when I go back and proof-read my post, my mind is auto-correcting all the words to what I -thought- I put down. So I can't see any of the errors until later when the post is "deleted" from my short term memory.

    I'm also a victim of word over-use. t___t I've recently discovered that I have a huge problem with using "As" too much. So I'm struggling to find ways to avoid it.

    I don't read as much as I used to, so my vocabulary is starting to suffer. .___.;