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  1. Introduction

    I'm a self-taught artist still in need of a ton of practice. I'm generally iffy about posting my drawings, but I've finally decided to take the plunge. Here's where I'll just dump stuff that I drew recently or a long time ago. I don't really have a consistent style, so this is going to be pretty random. Now, without further ado, let's do this.

    • All my artwork is colored in Paint Tool SAI, unless mentioned otherwise. I generally color with a mouse, and it sucks.
    • I mostly draw male characters, because I mostly play male characters. My females I'm still practicing.
    • I usually operate by drawing on a sketchbook, then uploading that into my computer.
    • DA: alektofury
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  2. Concept for a male fae character. No references used.

    One of my rarer (and older) non-portraits, because I draw a lot of portraits. Can you tell I got really lazy on the face? Because I got really lazy on the face.

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  3. Not sure where I was going with this one, but I had a sort of "experiment"-type character in mind. Might use this for a future roleplay, but it really depends...

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  4. These are really nice, especially the coloring via mouse. If you're looking for a decent affordable tablet, the pen pad is about 40 bucks from vistablet. I love it :o
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  5. Most recent portrait. Elf OC.

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  6. Not too happy with this one and not sure exactly why, but posting it up anyway. I also got really lazy with coloring/perfecting some bits so I just half-assed it

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