My 1x1 Requests (plots included!)

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  1. So, hello there person who actually took the time to check out my partner request. Lets start off with some basic posting expectations and basic rules:
    1) Am I going to let you God Mod? Heck no!
    2) I normally write 2-7 paragraphs. I am good as long as you write 2-9. No higher. No lower.
    3) Please try to come up with new characters, I hate when you use a character in a 1x1 that you have been using for every other group roleplay that you are in.
    4) You must like yuri/yaoi to roleplay with me. I may not do it, but I will not work with someone who only roleplays as straight characters.

    So know that we went over that, lets go over plots. Well, I wouldn't exactly call them plots, but you get the point. Nah, lets just do character pairings and then plots.
    Libertine Character Pairings (open)

    Pink = Female
    Blue = Male

    Neko x Human
    Dark Angel x Demon
    Dark Angel x Angel
    Graffiti Artist x Mayor's Daughter (taken)
    Fangirl x Fanboy
    Steampunk x Peasant
    Movie Star x Homeless
    Youtuber x Cosplayer

    Normal Character Pairings (open)

    Pink = Female
    Blue = Male

    Steampunk x Goth (taken)
    Time Traveler x Rebellion Leader
    Wizard x Witch

    Fangirl x Fanboy
    Gamer x Fan
    Singer x Fan
    Security Guard x Mad Genius
    Punk x Steampunk
    Rebel Princess x Sack Boy (taken)

    My Boring Plots... zzz (open)

    Seen To Much
    A girl witnesses the death of her best friend, but she doesn't know that the man who killed him/her was really her other friend. Cliche, I know. But the friend has to try to hide the secret or else the girl will call the police leading him to having to share information about his abusive family.

    That's all I got! The rest are WIP!
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  2. Interested in the f x f graffiti artist x majors daughter
  3. OK PM me :3
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