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  1. Shane here. Okay, so I've done way too many FXF, and FxM, I can tell you that right now.

    So, I've been craving some MxM. Truly, I don't care if it's mature. I do have some plots below.

    (MC)= My character.
    (YC)= This should be quite obvious. Your character.

    A war has brought sickness to the city, and demolished portions of the town. Walls were built around the city and now things have fallen to hell. People are dying and the corpses are usually left unattended. Is anyone going to fix things around here, or is it just going to fall to shit?

    (MC) has lost his memory, due to a hard blow to the head. He doesn't remember anything or anyone, including (YC). He doesn't even remember his own name. Both (MC), and (YC) were good soulmates. But, of course, the real Dilemma is that (MC)'s memory was completely wiped out, and no longer knows who (YC) is. But, is it possible that (MC)'s memory can possibly be regained, at least some of it, or will they just have to build up their relationship all over again.

    Eh..I'll update the plots later. But right now, I'm sick as hell, so..I'm not good at coming up at plots at this time, so..yeah.
  2. intrested
  3. The plague situation sounds like a good start. ^^

    And I might be interested in the forgotten thing, if we could spice it up a bit.

    Really, I'd be up for plotting something of anything out in a bit more detail XD
  4. I'm into the lost memory!
  5. @Kronas17 Which one would you be willing to do?

    @Lady Sabine I see. I'm sorry, I usually will add a bit more detail than that, but I was just being a bit lazy since I'm sick.

    @wildpelt Alright. ^^
  6. So what shall we do Shane?
  7. I'll just go ahead and create the thread. The character skeleton will surely be on there. I don't want to leave you hanging.
  8. Got it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.