MxM with a Chance of MxF/FxF [Fandoms and Originals!]

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  1. Grell.Sutcliff.full.842319.jpg
    Hi there.

    Ok, so I usually only do IM based rp. BUT, I'm in the kind of mood for a forum based one~. This is a rare thing for me lately.
    (Although if you read this and are interested in an IM one, feel free to contact me about that too. <3)

    So, to make it the best experience for both of us, I need to you meet some basic requirements.

    -You must be on often, with a prompt response time. 1 post a week is impossible for me to follow/keep up with. It's horrible! Especially if I'm enjoying the roleplay.
    -Be friendly! Not all business. It scares me. <n<
    -It'd be best if you knew how to lead the story, as that's not one of my strong points.

    If you'd like to know anything about me that I'm not about to list, just ask.

    -I've been rping for 6-7 years.
    -I'm quite literate, and if I get into the story and character, you may get quite high quality posts out of me.
    -I'm an otaku. I love yaoi especially.
    -I can do smut. I really can. It depends on my partner, and my role though. I can fade to black as well if any of that fun stuff comes up.
    -I have an extremely open mind, however, I'd prefer it if by chance you do have a religion, if you could refrain from trying to convert me or something. <3 No offense to any of you.
    -I love fantasy, some sci-fi (depending), and some modern with a twist of supernatural.

    So, for the sake of everyone, I'm only going to accept 1 partner, and when I do, I'll post so. If it opens again, I will post that as well.
    I want something that's Fantasy or Sci-fi (possibly) or Modern with a twist of supernatural. If you have a fandom in mind, ask me about it, I might go for it. But otherwise, an original's perfectly fine with me.
    I will list a few fandoms, just in case.

    -Studio Ghibli films (Such as: Howls Moving Castle [HowlxOC], Spirited Away [HakuxOC, HakuxChihiro], Princess Mononoke [MononokexOC, Male!MononokexOC], The Cat Returns [Humanized Cat King x OC, Humanized Cat King x Main female character], ETC..)
    -Vocaloid (Preferably Yaoi, may go for yuri in some cases)
    -Ouran Highschool Hostclub [Such as: KyouyaxTamaki, ETC..)

    So yes. Those are just a few. Contact me~.​
  2. I absolutely adore the Grell image!~

    Experience: I been roleplaying for almost 9 years.
    Level: Intermediate-to-Advanced. (It depends entirely on the roleplay.)
    Writing Skill: Advanced.
    Grammar: Excellent. (I'm a Grammar Nazi. I hate horrible grammar, ha.)

    Average Post(s): I currently have a flexible schedule. I try to post 2-3 daily.
    Length: I am capable of producing long, detailed paragraphs. However, it takes time. I revise a lot. (Average: 2-3 paragraphs per post. I can do more, however.)

    Genre(s): I love Yaoi, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Scifi, Psychological, Horror, Zombie, Tragedy, Crime Drama, Action, Adventure, etc. (I love a variety, ha. I tend to be versatile.)

    Yaoi: I absolute adore MxM. I have experience in all positions - Seme, Seke, Uke.
    Smut: I have experience in the smutty scenes. I have no problem sketching out the steamy scenes.

    Refusal: I don't dab in Rape, Violent BDSM, Gang Rape, etc. (However! I am willing to have my character raped by an NPC character if it's for the sake of drama. I love that dramatic scene where my character's love interest beats the crap out of the perpetrator.)
  3. Well, hello there. I shall attempt to address each point you so kindly brought up. <3
    Thank you, I love it as well. xD Grell can be a hot piece of work, although his personality is a bit of a turn off for me so..Images are my solace.

    Level: Sounds good. However, sometimes super long, insanely well written posts can overwhelm me. Just a warning~. I may also not be able to match their length/quality, it all depends.
    Skill: I'm more than happy to hear that.
    Grammar: Ah...I'll try my best to make sure I don't burn your eyes out of your sockets.

    Posts: That sounds great. I can live with that, definitely. Although, so you know, if it would ever be possible to post more, I'd be blissful.
    Length: Mine vary, and it especially depends on the roleplay and how well I get into it.

    Genre: Yay~. The only thing there that does NOT work for me is tragedy. If something big happens like a main character death, I withdraw mentally/emotionally for some reason. It's just not something I work well with. I do like small tragedies/dramas however.
    Smut: Sounds fine.

    Refusal: I agree with all of that, especially the plot candy.

    Now, I'd be happy to start a PM conversation with you to figure out the details~.
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