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  1. Ok so i am going to make this short and sweet, i have a couple idea's i really want to do. All have a plot and most i know which character i want to be already, also i want them all to be in threads i hate roleplaying through Pm's.

    1st idea:
    A detective has been trying to find a child who was kidnapped three years ago. After endless hours of searching and a plethora of dead ends he finally finds him. By now he is seventeen and his family is still unknown but he has been found and that is all the detective cares about. he had promised to find him when he got an emergency call from the frightened boy three years prior and now he finally did. When he is found he is suffering some bad bodily injuries but his psychological ones are worse. he is dazed and won't speak muttering that his master won't be happy that he isn't in his cell. The men who had the boy had trained him to be the perfect sex slave, but none of the police officers know this as he wont speak to them. But then the detective comes in to speak to him, recognizing the voice from a distant memory the boy opts to trust him but refuses to tell any information about his master or what they did to him of course the physical injuries were enough to tell them what they had done to the poor child. Since he is the only one the frightened boy trusts the detective takes him home to live with him temporarily. he soon finds out how bad this psychological damage is as the boy begins to think that the detective is his new master. ((hope that makes sense i want to be the detective. though i wouldn't mind playing the boy either))

    2nd idea:
    i am much to tired to write out a plot here is the general gist of things.
    two best friends from a very young age.
    one is being rape by his father but doesn't want to tell his best friend who is very protective.
    two has a hopeless crush on his best friend but is beginning to notice the slight changes in his moods and other things.
    when two trys to show his interest he notices how any slight touch from him makes the other cringe.
    Perhaps they start a relationship, perhaps two still isn't aware of the trouble one is in, perhaps he can't understand why he shys away from anything sexual in their relationship, idc this is a kind of see how it goes roleplay.
    ((idc who i play)

    Sherlock~ Johnlock or Sheriarty or Sherstrade
    Supernatural- Destiel or Wincest.
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  2. I am quite interested in the first idea, and I would not mind playing the role of the young male that the detective finds. Was there anything in particular you were wanting to happen between the two?
  3. Just that If the detective came home and seemed stressed the boy would think it is his job to make him feel better. Or if he gets angry he automatically presents himself to the other to make up for it. Just things that a very very well trained slave would do for his master, and my character is going to have to fend off these advances and that will just confuse the boy even further and make him think he is doing something wrong and I have had way to much time to think about this roleplay I have been kind of obsessing over it.
  4. What do you mean by 'present himself' if the detective is mad? You mean wait for the detective to beat him as though the boy was the cause of his anger? I'll admit that I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to master/slave etiquette, but this is something that I have always been very curious about and have wanted to explore more of.

    And that is perfectly fine that you have obsessed over it. I just hope that I am able to make it enjoyable for you and do not end up ruining it. hehe.
  5. I'm also interested in the first one, if it's still open. [:
  6. Honestly I give you full creative authority over your character. But what I meant by present is yes he believes that it is his fault te other is angry and presenting himself to be beaten or try and make up for it through sexual means. But if you think he wouldn't react like that by all means you can do something different. :)

    Catalyst- I'm not big on doing the same plot twice but message me, we can just change up the plot a little so it isn't identical. :)
  7. I'm slightly interested in the second idea but I'm not so big on the rape part of it :/
  8. Well taking that out changes the entire plot so I don't think this is what you are looking for.
  9. Hey there. I'd love to do a roleplay with you, and I see the common theme here is psychological damage. I'd love it if we could think up a completely new roleplay with the theme so you aren't repeating anything, and I even have a couple of loose ideas in mind. That is, if you wouldn't mind it.
  10. Actually I wouldn't be repeating anything because those people never responded to me. Lol but if you would like to do one of your ideas I'm up to hearing them :)
  11. Well, then, I'd prefer to discuss this in the PMs. Would you mind?
  12. NEW IDEA that I just got from watching this show called Star-crossed (I have only see half of one show but I love the basic idea of it)

    An Alien race, looking remarkably like humans except the markings that cover their bodies and the fact they all are extremely attractive, crashes on earth looking for refugee but instead the humans attack them thinking that they are a threat, hundreds are killed and a handful are taken to a special military facility. There they find out that they are peaceful and for years they are studied, then they decide to try and see how they do in the outside world. so a few teenagers from the aliens sector (pretty much their little village that is fenced off from the humans to protect them) are chosen to attend a nearby school. Your character was there when the crash had happened, it was her/his town that it happened in and she/he had seen one of the aliens who was a very young boy around her/his age fighting to save his family until he had been shot down. That same boy was one of the few chosen to attend her school. She/he is drawn to him but he is distant and the teacher and students and guards at the school are constantly telling her/him to stay away from him.

    ok idk how to word this so im just going to list the aspects I want in the roleplay
    The aliens are widely mistrusted
    the alien kids at the school are outcasts
    your character is infatuated with my character
    your character's father was the one who lead the killing on the aliens when they initially crashed but my character doesn't know that.
    uh yeah forbidden love, secrets,
    we can discuss changing and adding anything you want ^^
  13. hey wanna continue our old rps if possible?
  14. yes I am actually going back and responding to the roleplays in my watched threads because I figured out how to find them :D
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