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    Greetings! I'm currently in the mood for more One[x]One RP(s). If you're interested, please read the tabs below!

    Please have an open mind for the majority of my pairings. If you don't like my shippings, leave.

    I intend to update my RP Plot(s) frequently. I'll create a "Le Bump" post to renew my thread on the first page of the Sign-up section.


    [rainbow]I. Important News[/rainbow]
    • Original: Open.
      Fandom: Open.

      Green: My status is open.
      Red: My status is closed.

      Extra: I'm open for Forum, PM, or IM based roleplay(s).
    • Please pay attention to the following,

      About Me

      ⇨ I'm a Mirror Writer. I have a tendency of mirroring the length of my partner's posts.

      ⇨ I'm a Romance junky. Most of my RP(s) have to contain Romance to keep me interested.

      ⇨ I'm versatile in all roles - Seme, Seke & Uke. However, I'm craving submissive characters. I'm looking for Seme partners in M x M. (However, I'm willing to double up and play two characters; one Uke & one Seme.)

      ⇨ I'm okay with M-preg, Furry, Harem, etc. (Warning: I prefer playing a pregnant submissive in M-preg.)


      ⇨ I support Canon x OC & Canon x Canon equally. If you don't like my Shippings, please leave!

      ⇨ I prefer playing an OC in Canon x OC pairings. However, I'm willing to double up and play Canon. (In other words, there would be two Canon x OC couples.)

      ⇨ I prefer playing Female in M x F pairings. I'm sorry, but I lost interest playing Male.

      ⇨ I refuse to dab in violent BDSM, abuse, gang rape, dismemberment, gore, etc.

      ⇨ I adore Crossovers. If you don't like them, please leave!

      ⇨ If you're interested in Smut, you have to be 18+ older. (I refuse to be notified by an Admin for inappropriate activity.) All smutty scenes will be taken to the Mature section. (If you're under 18, all smutty scenes will be Fade to Black.)
    • Here is an updated version of my favorite Canon x OC pairings,

      ❧ Marshall Lee x OC [Adventure Time]
      ❧ Hitsugaya x OC [Bleach]
      ❧ Ichigo x OC [Bleach]
      ❧ Gaara x OC [Naruto]
      ❧ Neji x OC [Naruto]
      ❧ Sasuke x OC [Naruto]
      ❧ Nightcrawler x OC [X-Men]
      ❧ Havoc [X-Men: First Class]
      ❧ Draco x OC [Harry Potter]
      ❧ George x OC [Harry Potter]
      ❧ Haruka x OC [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club]
      ❧ Rin x OC [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club]
      ❧ Nagisa x OC [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club]
      ❧ N x OC [Pokemon]
      ❧ Volkner x OC [Pokemon]
      ❧ Warren x OC [Sky High]

      Reminder: I'm willing to double up and play Canon. (In other words, it would be two Canon x OC pairings.)
      ☒ I support Canon x Canon & Canon x OC equally. However, I'm leaning towards Canon x OC right now.
    • PLEASE LOOK AT MY FANDOM PAIRINGS FIRST! (Give them a chance! I hate when people overlook my Fandom pairings and focus on my Original.)

      Here is a list of my favorite Original pairings,

      ❧ Seme!Selkie x Uke!Selkie
      Merman x Male!Human
      ❧ Master x Pet!Neko
      ❧ Master x Uke!Butler
      Assassin x Contractor
      ❧ Yandere x Obsession
      ❧ Top!Dominant x Beta!Dominant x Lowest!Dominant x Submissive ♫★❤✿
      ❧ Dominant!Dragon Humanoid x Submissive!Dragon Humanoid ♫★
      ❧ Elf x Elf
      ❧ Elf x Fae
      ❧ Wizard x Wizard ♫
      ❧ Wizard x Witch
      Female!Survivor x Male!Survivor ♫
      ❧ Seme!Neko x Uke!Neko
      Ghost x Human
      ❧ Demon x Demon
      Alien x Human ♫
      ❧ Mutant x Mutant [Marvel Universe] ♫
      ❧ Bender x Bender ♫
      Bender x Nonbender
      ❧ Fairy x Fairy
      ❧ Yakuza Leader x Lover
      ❧ Pokemon x Pokemon ♫
      ❧ Gijinka x Gijinka ♫
      ❧ Dominant!Lamia x Submissive!Lamia ♫★
      ❧ Male!Superhero x Female!Superhero [DC Universe]
      Crossdresser x Lover
      Male!Prostitute x Customer
      ❧ Online Friend x Online Friend ♫

      Bold Sea Green: Role I prefer playing.
      Craving: Pairings I'm itching to play.
      Creature!Feature: I have more information regarding the pairing. If you're interested, PM me!
      Harem: Yes, it's an all-male Harem. (If you have a problem with that, leave!)
      Double: I'm willing to double up and play one Dominant in the Harem, making it two characters each. (One of my choices include the Submissive.)
      Warning: The majority of my pairings are Yaoi.


    [rainbow]II. RP Plot(s)[/rainbow]
    • A year passed since Will's group saved Sky High. A new girl, along with her younger twin brothers, enrolled in Sky High. Something about her is off. Why is a Senior entering Sky High? Why didn't she attend during her Freshman year? Her uncouth nature immediately garnered negative reactions, including Will's group. However, during a Save the Citizen session, the girl saved Layla from a dangerous attack. After that incident, she slowly warmed up to Will's group. What secrets is she keeping?

      Pairing: Warren Peace x Female Original Character
      My Role: Female Original Character
      Warning: This is completely AU; Non-Canon. You're allowed to create an OC if you want. (However, you're required to play Warren, thus playing more than one character.)
    • A few weeks ago, the Candy Kingdom received complaints from allies about a monster stealing most of their color, leaving everything stark white. Rumors dictate that Candy Kingdom is next. When Fionna is entrusted with the task of tracking down the monter, what happened if Marshall Lee tagged along? After hearing the rumors, Marshall Lee recognized a few signs. A few days later, Fionna captured a cloaked figured feeding off an old teddy bear, stolen from a little girl she met earlier. When Fionna pulled down the hood, Marshall Lee recognized the perpetrator.


      Is she the monster responsible for terrorizing several Kingdoms?

      "You got the wrong color sucker! I didn't do it!"

      Pairing: Marshall Lee x Original Female Character
      My Role: Original Female Character
      Warning: My OC is part of an original supernatural race I created. If you're not open-minded about that, please leave. My character wasn't originally made for Adventure Time. PM me for more information about her race.
    • A few months passed since Rin reconciled with his childhood friends. He is entering his last year, taking over as Captain of Samezuka Academy Swim Club. What happened if he ended up rooming with another Senior instead of Nitori? His roommate is blunt, cold, and reserved. He hates to be touched and refused to changed in front of Rin. Who is this mysterious guy? One night, Rin wandered around the Academy. He sauntered towards the indoor pool. However, he wasn't alone. What happened if he discovered his roommate was a girl? Why did she enter the Academy? What's her reason?

      "I promised my brother I would make his dream a reality," she declared.

      Pairing: Rin Matsuoka x Original Female Character
      My Role: Original Female Character
      Warning: I haven't watched Free! Eternal Summer yet. As a result, it would be mainly AU. (Season Two elements will be added in the RP after I start watching it.)
    • Sirius, a male Zoroark, been traveling on his own for several years. One incident cost Sirius his pack, mate, and newborn cub. His distrust towards humanity festered into hatred. What happened if he stumbled across a graceful Lucario? For the first time since his mate's death, Zoroark felt a connection. Unfortunately, his object of affection is not only male, but belonged to a trainer! Is Lucario his key to redemption? Will he finally forgive humans for what they done to him years ago?

      Pairing: Male!Zoroark x Male!Lucario
      My Role: Sirius [Zoroark]
      Warning: Zoroark & Lucario are Gijinkas, not regular Pokemon. Gijinkas will play a big part in this RP.
    • Harry Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived, an iconic hero to the wizarding world. He defeated Lord Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. His story is known to the public, along with his most trusted friends and loved ones. However, what happened if history forgotten an important piece? Unbeknownst to the world, Harry Potter had an older godsister. She is the daughter of Maia Black, cousin of Sirius Black, whom died during Halloween, 1981. Her father, Dietrich Rosenberg, didn't want his daughter to be ensnared by the Ministry. As a result, her story was never recorded. She played an important role during the War, but faced many sacrifices, including her secret connection with Harry Potter.

      What is her story?

      She met Harry when he was in his first year. She discovered their connection when he was in his third. During his fifth, Harry introduced her to the Weasley Twins. A certain redhead took a liking to Natasha, but the former Ravenclaw didn't agree. However, will her opinion change?

      Did she accept George Weasley's attraction?

      Pairing: George Weasley x Original Female Character
      Role: Original Female Character
      Warning: The majority of the plot will follow Canon, but I'm incorporating AU twists to compliment my character's story. (It won't be completely Canon, but not 100% AU.)
    • Five years have passed since Wanda entered the underground caves. Unbeknownst to her, more Souls are going native, rebelling against the Seeker's tyranny. Unfortunately, the number is scarce, but slowly growing.

      Character A, along with her twin brothers, have been on the run for nine years. She traveled across the country, drifting from place to place. In the past, Character A came across a few patches of human resistance, but her family wouldn't fit. During a raid, Character A stumbled across Character B, a soul. What happened if he claimed he was on her side? The story about Wanda was never told, so Character A wasn't aware Souls were going native. After years of running, does she have the potential of trusting Character B?

      "What's your name?" she spat.

      "Roaring Embers in the Dark," he answered truthfully.

      Pairing: Female!Character A x Male!Character B
      My Role: Female!Character A
      Warning: The RP won't follow the events of The Seeker (second book of the Host trilogy) since it's not released yet. A few elements of the Host movie would be included in this story, but I'm mainly sticking to the book for references.
    • Character A, a waterbender, moved to Ba-Sing-Se after finishing her training with Master Pakku in the South Pole. She was a ordinary healer in the North Pole before the Avatar arrived. After meeting the Avatar's companion Katara, Character A realized her potential in waterbending combat. However, she didn't have the courage to defy her tribe's strict traditions. After the Fire Nation invasion, Character A desired to travel. With the encouragement of Katara, Character A followed Master Pakku to the South Pole, seeking his guidance.

      Once she settled in Ba-Sing-Se, Character A met Character B. He helped her find a job at a tea shop. Something about him is different. What happened if Character B is a firebender? Will Character A find out?

      Pairing: Female!Character A x Male!Character B
      My Role: Female!Character A
      Warning: The RP takes place before Aang's group arrive in Ba-Sing-Se. (Specifically, two months prior.)
    • Twenty years ago, a new energy source is discovered on a remote island. Researchers named it XH, or extra-hydrate. A series of mysterious deaths occurred since XH was discovered. What happened? Character A traveled to the island, recruited as a researcher. Character B is a security officer, hired to patrol the base. However, what is Character B's real identity? After a horrific incident, a terrifying discovery is made; zombies. Character B, along with other security guards, protect Character A and additional researchers. Unfortunately, a string of unfortunate events leave everyone stranded on the island.

      Will they be able to survive? What happened if Character A fell for Character B?

      Pairing: Seme!Character A x Uke!Character B
      My Role: Uke!Character B
      Warning: I'm not an expert on Zombie Apocalypse RP(s). I have an idea involving a cure. (It's not true zombies where there's no cure.)
    • One night, Character A hired Character B to kill a wealthy man. In the beginning, Character B refused. However, he changed his mind in the end. As he formulated a plan to carry out the deal, what happened if Character A begged Character B to train him? Will a forbidden romance emerge? Why did Character B look so familiar to Character A?

      Who is the mysterious Assassin?

      Pairing: Seke!Character A x Seke!Character B
      My Role: Seke!Character B
    • Long ago, a scientist created a new race; Neko. He combined feline DNA with a human host. He utilized this method to formulate a perfect line of slaves, obedient and submissive. However, his first experiment, Character A, was a failure. He didn't anticipate a flaw in his plans; emotions. After he completed his first test, the scientist fixed his mistakes and created a whole force of servants, or pets. He sold his experiments on the black market, racking up a huge profit. Unfortunately, purchasing a Neko became a trend. Everyone adored the cute, colorful pets.

      Character B became intrigued by the unique race. After stumbling across the black market, he accidentally purchased his very own. What happened if his Neko was Character A?

      Pairing: Uke!Character A x Seme!Character B
      My Role: Uke!Character A
      Warning: The RP may contain violence, off-screen past rape, profanity, etc.
    • Calenor forest is the largest forest terrain in ancient times. Her beauty is unmatched, containing riches like no other. However, what happened if it was plagued with darkness? Röta, or forest dwellers, roamed across the lands, destroying everything in their sight. These legendary creatures have a unique ability of rot, one touch would decay everything. The Röta are vicious, sinister creatures, full of chaos, destruction, and despair. Fortunately, two races managed to resist; Fairies and Elves.

      Character A, a fairy, lived in Calenor forest over a millennial. He was one of the first fairies to discover the Röta. His kind waged war with Röta, deeming that diabolical race as their worse enemy. One day, he ventured on in the forest, collecting herbs. What happened if he was attacked by a Röta dweller? Character B, an elf, discovered Character A on a scouting mission. He managed to save Character A, eradicating the forest dweller. Unfortunately, he was poisoned in the process. Character A transported his savior to a secret cottage, hidden deep within the woods. After he cured Character B, what will be their fate?

      For centuries, the Elves were the Fairies' strongest ally. However, Fairies remained isolated from the world, hidden at the heart of Calenor. Not even the Elves are aware of their whereabouts. Despite their alliance, both societies aren't perfectly tuned. What will happen if Character A brought Character B to his home?

      Pairing: Fairy!Character A x Elf!Character B
      My Role: Fairy!Character A
      Warning: Character A is submissive. (I'm craving Uke lately.)
    • Character A, a natural introvert, became reclusive after the death of his previous lover. He rarely leaved the sanctity of his large duplex apartment, to the point of avoiding his agent's calls. Fortunately, his agent understood, giving time for the famous actor to grieve. A few weeks ago, Character A signed up on a social network site. After roaming on the site, Character A met Character B, his first online friend.

      A few months later, Character A and Character B grew close, contacting each other constantly. Character B managed to help Character A move on, but what happened if Character B started developing feelings? Is it possible to fall in love with a virtual friend? Character A gathered his courage and initiated a first meeting. How will Character B react when he figured out Character A is a famous actor? Will he be treated differently?

      Pairing: Male!Character A x Male!Character B
      My Role: Male!Character A
      Warning: The story may contain past abuse, violence, profanity, and mentions of rape. Both characters are Seke; there is no distinct Seme or Uke role.
    • When a scenario is crossed out, it's taken.


    [rainbow]II. Requirements[/rainbow]
    • I'm looking for Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced writers.
    • No one-lining! I'm sorry, but I'm looking for players capable of composing 1-3 paragraphs minimum. (More, the better!)

      Warning: This does not apply to IM-based roleplays.
    • Please be willing to play a Canon character! If you're interested playing an OC, I'm fine doubling up. That way, both of us play OC & Canon. (It would be two Canon x OC pairings.)

      Warning: I'm not looking for perfection, but effort. (For example: Turning Toshiro Hitsugaya into a giggly, hyperactive ditz is uncalled for! Research the character!)
    • Please stay committed! I'm looking for long-term partners. Don't join, create one post, and leave. I find that incredibly rude. I understand the importance of RL, but notify me first!
    • Decent grammar is appreciated. I'm not looking for perfection. Google is your friend!
    • Stay Active! I appreciate 1-2 posts daily. On the other hand, if you need to leave for awhile, please notify me beforehand.
    • I don't care how old you are. However, if you're interested in Smut, you need to be 18+. If you're under 18, all smutty scenes are Fade to Black.
    • I love Shounen-Ai & Yaoi equally. In M x M pairings, please be willing to play Seme. I'm open for doubling up. (In other words, it would be two couples. Both of us would play one Uke & one Seme.)


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  2. [​IMG]

    Is anyone brave enough to try out my ideas? I'm open for more suggestions! (As long as they follow my preferences.)

    Despite my love for Canon x OC, I'm totes fine with OC x OC! (It depends on the shipping for me to do Canon x Canon.)
  3. Hmmm, I may take you up on a fairy x fairy, survivor x survivor, or online friend x online friend original plot ( I did read all your fandoms, but I don't know most of those series, and the ones I do know I'm uncomfortable with the pairings)... but I don't usually do romance, so since I read and agreed to all your terms & conditions (;P) here's my "I think we'll be OK If..."

    1) You're okay if romance takes a LOOOOOONG time to develop. Rushing it just makes it seem forced and cheesy to me. Be happy with a friendship/ "in like" plot so that we can let more intimate relationships develop naturally

    2) If characters just don't 'click' that way, or if they just have nothing in common or something they disagree on that's too important to form a relationship around, then if you still want romance we may have to bring in other characters (I'm perfectly fine with playing a wide cast of characters, but I don't like to force two into a couple if they just don't seem right together, and I'm equally opposed to warping established character traits just to make them work with their intended love interest)

    3) if we do a yaoi pairing (I'm fine with yaoi, yuri, and hetero pairings), we can try to be more original and developed than the traditional "shy, cautious, underconfident and feminine uke" and "aggressive, domineering, reckless and wild" seme. I headdesk whenever I see these tropes.

    Be gentle, I haven't applied to a 'seeking romance' type ad in YEARS; I'm used to just focusing on adventure and stuff, and I'm not a sentimental/romantic person by any stretch (My bf and I don't even do valentines day or celebrate anniversaries).

    If you don't think we'd work, just let me know, I won't be offended :)
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  4. I'd be interested in doing the YanderexObsession idea if you're still looking.
  5. Sure! Send me a PM and we can discuss a plot together!
  6. [​IMG]

    I have added new ideas in the RP Ideas tab,

    ☒ Fandom: Eternal Ember
    ☒ Fandom: Elemental Bond
    ☒ Original: Virtual Connection

    Check out the tab(s) for details!

  7. I would love to do a Bender x Bender or Bender x NonBender with you! ^-^
  8. Sure! I have a plot made for Bender x Bender! PM me and we can discuss details! :D
  9. Hey i'd love a ❧ Pokemon x Pokemon ♫ pairing and a ❧ Assassin x Contractor one
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