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  1. These are all MalexMale. If you are not into that then maybe we can come up with something else but just a heads up I don't do FxF. I have lots of other ideas but these are the ones I want to do right now.

    I will tell you right now if you want to rp with me don't request the plot then never reply back when I try to get things set up with you and don't just flake out on the rp without saying anything. If your bored then say so. I've had way too many flaky partners and I just got here!



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    Character A is a 24 year old in collage Character B is his roommate. Character A really likes Character B but picks on him beats him up and sexually abuses the timid boy. What will he do when he discovers Character A's true feelings for him?
    I like to be Character B for this one I've played A too many times.

    The man that stole my heart
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    Character B had never really felt guilt for anything he did. The man did a lot of terrible things in his lifetime and took part in some rather disturbing activities. He'd never experienced love. That is until he met Character A at an orgy party. He happened to be one of the new play toys. Normally they were men who had gotten into some sort of trouble and where gang raped at one of these parties but this man was someone who had just been picked up off the street for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first Character B thinks nothing of it until he keeps showing up as the toy and is passed around from house to house. Then he ends up being dumped on him. Character B now has to take care of him till the next party. He is aloud to do whatever he wants with him during that time as long as it doesn't kill him. This in when he gets the chance to get to know the man and begins to develop feelings for him. What will he do at this point?
    I would rather paly character A for this one

    Character A is the toy (Uke)
    Character B is the man who attends the orgy parties (seme)
    This is a bit of a dark role play and will include
    gang band
    mild gore
    maybe a few others

    Human or android?
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    Adam wins a love bot named Kou in some sort of raffle he enters just for fun or course he tries it out and has lots of fun with it. After a few months he finds a human lover and turns the androids function to that of a butler. The android however is not thrilled about his replacement. The bot has developed human emotions and has fallen in love with Adam. He tries to drive the new lover out of the home buy pulling all sorts of ricks on him that cause him to hurt himself. The lover knows its Kou but Adam is blind to it. He thinks his love is just clumsy and wants something to blame it on. Will Adam ever see the danger the android brings before its too late. Will Kou go too far to have Adam to himself?
    I am playing Kou. would also like to play Adam. I need someone to play the lover. If you would rather be Adam let me know. I'm flexible. also you can use any names you want they don't have to be the ones given.
    I would like YC to be Seme or we cold try a seke Rp

    Demon and the hunter
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    MC is a demon who enjoys the simple pleasures of the human world. Everything seems to be going great until YC the demon hunter captures him. Instead of killing him like he should have done he keeps him to use as a lure for other demons. The man keeps him locked in a cage in his house. MC is rather annoyed and wants his freedom back but since the cage seems to drain his power there's not much he can do about it. He talks with YC whenever he can but the other makes it hard. He believes all demons are bad. He doesn't open up to him until one night he drags MC along on a hunt. YC encounters a demon far to powerful for him. He's almost killed but MC saves him. After that night he starts to trust him and even lets him out of the cage. YC chooses to stay rather than run. What happens from here?
    I want this one to be a purely seke Rp keep it nice and balanced.
  2. Lovers of war

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    there is a war going on in feudal Japan between tow lords over a new island that had appeared just off the cost of Japan. YC is a samurai warrior for one Lord MC is a samurai warrior for the other. MC is badly injured during battle. YC finds him on the battle field near death after this part of the battle has ended. When YC sees he’s still very young he feels sorry for him and takes him to his home and cares for his wounds. MC manages to pull through. During the time he’s under his care the two fall in love and the war has ended. YC’s side has won. Here’s where the problem begins, all of the samurai who fought for MC’s sided are being hunted down and killed. Now YC has to hide MC to keep him safe. Will MC be found? Will the two ever be able live a normal life together? What will YC do if his lover is found?
    Uke, seme, or seke

    obsession with my fellow classmate

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    MC works in a bakery as a server. YC comes in often to buy fresh bread and MC is always the one to fill his order. They know each other from high school they have 3 classes together although they dnt talk much during school. YC has had a thing for MC for a while. the two r in completely different social groups but they get paired up to do a project in history class and end up doing their project at the bakery while my OC is working. After working on the project for a few days MC spends the weekend at YC house. The two finish early and MC still has a day left to spend with YC. YC's parents have gone out for the night and wnt be home till late. MC is clueless about things sexual (meaning he’s a virgin doesn’t know what most sex terms mean. only knows what they teach u in sex ed class. cnt tell when he’s being hit on.) but that doesn't stop YC. YC makes a move. We will see where it goes from there.
    need seme

    Master’s play toy
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    MC is a young man that looks just like a girl until you get his clothes off. YC finds him attractive but thinks he’s a woman. He kidnaps him and takes him to his mansion. When he starts to play with him finds out he’s really a guy. He becomes angry and decides to show him how a woman gets fucked. He rapes MC. Afterwards YC keeps MC as his servant, making him do all sorts of tasks in and out of the bedroom. Will my feisty little trap submit to his new master or fight him to the very end?

    I'll steal your heart and break it in two

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    In high school MC had a huge crush on YC and one day YC found out and laughed it off because MC was considered a geek and he wore huge glasses and wore over sized clothes that were hand me downs from a sibling. Two years later they meet up again, but MC isnt wearing glasses anymore and is hardly regonizable. YC falls heads over heels and trys to get MC's attention, but he plays hard to get and then finally he agrees to dinner but doesnt show up and then the second time he calls and cancels and on the thrid he does come. Soon YC and MC get togeather and start acting like a couple and MC starts manipulate the situation completely and YC plays right into his trap. This'll be fun!

    My best friends boyfriend

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    Is it wrong to fall in love with your best friends boyfriend? When two old friends meet up to chat about their lives the other shows off his eye candy boyfriend and as soon as eyes meet fire raises and jelouse shows its ugly head so does lust and wanting. How will things go from there?

    I hate your guts


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    Character one and two hate each other but are stuck with one another a good part of the time. The two are both close friends with character three and have been for three years. Over the three years character one and two have come to hate one another and are very open with their hatred for each other. The two often fight, bicker and tease one another mercilessly. Wanting the two to get along better character three invites both over to his house where they 'have you ever' each time someone has done what the person says you have to take a drink. Less than an hour later the two are totally drunk. Character three being fairly innocent was able to keep from having to drink too much himself, as most of the questions asked were of sexual nature and such. He then tells the two to sleep over at his place because they are too wasted. He then makes up a fake phone call from his sister and has to leave for several hours to help her with something. Character one and two are now left alone with one another, completely drunk. The alcohol gets the better of them and they do things they would never do sober. Though once they come down from the alcohol high the two discover they enjoy each other’s bodies even if they still don't like one another. The two continue their messing around with one another, not letting their friend know. Will the hate between the two of them slowly start to dissipate?
    semeXseme hmmm drunken sex does weird things two will fight for dominance

    dangerous love

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    This is just a romance between a delusional serial killer and the mature, sensible man at his mercy. It will have some Stockholm syndrome going, there will be excessive torture, blood, non-con and it will probably end in character death. All right, it will most likely end in character death. It does not matter to me which one of the characters is killed off. I would prefer if you'd play the murderer. I'm wanting to go a bit out of my comfort zone here so don't go crazy with gore right away. I need a very aggressive and sadistic seme for this.
    YC has been watching MC for a while now and has some who diluted himself into believing MC is his lover. However MC never notices him until it's too late. YC kidnaps him and takes him into his basement keeping him hostage there . The man is mean and aggressive right away striking him every time MC does something he doesn't like. After a few days of MC being there YC becomes more aggressive and sexually assaults him and even torchers him.
    Afterwards he is always gentle. He kisses his forehand, strokes his hair carefully, telling me how much he loves him. MC almost want to believe it. It's soothing. Somehow MC try to convince himself he feel this way because his gentle demeanor means that he is done with him for now. MC finds himself starting to wonder if he will be able to live outside of this basement, afraid of having forgotten what it's like, normal life. That is, of course. Will MC make it out of here alive. Will YC kill him because MC doesn't love him or will he do it simply because he can? MC's resistance seems more pointless as the days go by, but it is the only thing he have left, the only part of him he has not take. Will He give in over time or will his fighting lead to his death?
  3. I have no name for this plot. truth be told it's not really my idea but the person who came up with the plot is no longer using it so I asked if I could rp it with someone else they didn't mind so here's the idea.
    The Main Plot Points:
    Sub-A has been recently kidnapped and enslaved by Dom-A; he will be forced to submit Dom-A's every whim & need. Of course, he is rebellious and desperate to escape.
    Sub-B has been trapped in this same situation with Dom-B for the past 5 years; his spirit has already been broken; he's dead inside. Until he meets Sub-A.
    Dom-A and Dom-B have been buddies for the longest while, but it's only recently that Dom-B finally convinced Dom-A to get in on the act. They decided to become business partners in the underground gay porn industry, using their captives.
    Sub-B quickly becomes attached to Sub-A (the first person he's been allowed alone with other than his "clients") and grows protective of him, despite the punishments he'll receive.
    Sub-B is getting older. At about 25 years, he's beginning to lose his popularity. He has reason to suspect Dom-B plans to get rid of him and replace him with someone new and young.
    Sub-A and Sub-B must find a way out of this together.
    Dom-A and Dom-B won't let their little cash-cows go quite that easily.
    Who Plays Who:
    We will each pick one Dominant and Submissive to play. If you prefer to play Sub-A, then:
    Your Characters = Sub-A & Dom-B
    My Characters = Sub-B & Dom-A
    On the other hand, if you'd like to play as Sub-B, then:
    Your Characters = Sub-B & Dom-A
    My Characters = Sub-A & Dom-B
    Their personalities can be whatever you choose. Though I'd like to make clear; Sub-A, while he is forced to perform, he's vehemently unwilling; likewise, in the beginning at least, Sub-B is the picture-perfect submissive.

    Of course, this is another dark-themed RP. Pretty much anything terrible and humiliating that you can think of. Though I am ultimately looking for a happy ending! Just after a bit of suffering. ; 3
    If you have any ideas to add, of course, be my guest. <3
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