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So just a few things before I start this off, please note I will leave whether or not my Partner wants Romance in certain pairings. I will state which ones do and which ones don't. Another thing, I'm not much for Top and Bottom. I literally crave to have a partner who likes to switch. I also like weird pairings. I like writing about characters that aren't really together a whole lot and seeing what happens. One more thing to consider when role playing with me, I will not tolerate original characters. Sorry * heavily sighs* I find myself struggling to like OC x Canon pairings and that's just a pain. It's hard to describe. I guess here's what happened: Too many shitty OCs shoved with a Canon character. It turned me off from OC x Canon. I'm only searching for Canon x Canon. Look guys, you don't have to know the character inside and out. All I ask is if you don't make them what they aren't suppose to be. So if OC x Canon or OC x OC is your gig, you're not the partner for me. Anyone asking for either OC x Canon or OC x OC will be ignored.
I'm also going to apologize for my short list and most of my ideas are AU. I will not role play out the act of sex, events leading up to it is fine.


To be Tamed

Warnings: Dark themes, bondage, hints (or a lot) Sadomasochism.
Characters: Young!Phil Coulson x Clint Barton
Romance?: Yes/Can be
Looking for: Phil

Plot: Months ago Phil turned his eyes on a blonde who didn't seem to have much luck. Despite everyone's warnings about him, Phil decided to make him apart of the avengers. Of course this was way before the team was assembled, so the blonde named Clint would have a chance to learn how to properly become an agent. As time goes by, Phil learns that that man he allowed to become an agent is slowly becoming more trouble than he was worth. He needs to whip him back into shape before he becomes too much of a problem. How exactly will he do that? Easy, reward and punish. If he behaves, then get a reward but if he doesn't...Let's just say the punishments are going to be rather interesting

So you're a blind lawyer or a Vigilante? Or both?

Characters: Matt Murdock, Clint Barton
Romance: Possible No/Up to Patner
Looking for: Either one

Hell's kitchen: 10 blocks micromanaged by one kick ass Vigilante and lawyer named Matt Murdock. He personally oversee the area and makes sure that everything is fine. One day he picks up on the news that a fairly strong group that goes by the name Hydra is quickly moving into the area. From there, he is sure they are going to start attacking the city. Matt jumps to getting rid of them right away. Of course, easier said then down. He ends up seriously hurt and ends up meeting a guy from shield. He also happens to be seriously hurt. They help each other escape so they can fight them another day. After talking with the man, Matt decides to team up with him to take down the group.

The Man With the Metal Arm

Warnings: Torture, Drugs ( date rape drug, sedatives, morphine), morphine addiction, darker themes, Stockhlom syndrome.
Character: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark
Romance: Yes
Looking for: Bucky Barnes

Heavy shaky breaths escaped from the brunette's lips, he couldn't remember how exactly it happened. Tony was sure it had to do with the girl that handed him that drink. The next thing he knew, the room was spinning and everything after that was a blank. Obviously she had drugged him. The scary part was he didn't wake up with that girl. No, he woke up to come face to face with a man who had a metal arm. The man stated that if he did as he was told, which was give him information on his suits and promise to build weapons for him that everything would be fine. Disobey and the results were not going to be pleasant.


To save Dean Winchester

Characters: Teen!Dean Winchester, Gabriel
Romance: No/Up to partner
Looking for: Gabriel

Dean was always an important part of earth's history, to a certain point. After all, he is the one who will kick off certain events. The history of earth is nothing to be messed with. Crowley manages to get his hands on an ancient power that will allow him to go back in time. The demon is upset over the fact that Dean Winchester has screwed him over one too many times, Crowley decides to put a stop to it and punish Dean over this face. Gabriel feeling bad for the human takes it upon himself to also go back in time to help out Dean. The angel only gets one shot at this, if he screws it up, Dean will stay dead and the fate of the world will be known.
You're my Savior

Warnings: Mind games, torture
Characters: Lucifer, Dean Winchester
Romance: Possible No/Up to Partner
Looking for: Dean Winchester

What if Sam never allowed Lucifer into his body? What if he never took a dive into the pit? This is that story. Dean Winchester finally put his foot down on the idea of his little brother being a vessel for a crazy angel. This pissed off Lucifer to no end, but instead of killing the little worm, he comes up with a better idea. He sets out to kidnap Dean and prove that Lucifer's ideas is what is right for the world and then he could help convince his dear little brother to let him inside.

(( Will add more later.))​
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