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  1. You can never have too many RP's. (Old self you just wanted more and more rp's. Disclaimer my replies will be slow due to real life but I try to get a reply out once a week. Sometimes more.) I mostly play the bottom/uke/sub but I can play verse/switch or if needed top/seme/dom. Also these plots aren't restricted to human characters but please tell me before we begin that you are playing a nonhuman, ex werewolf, vampire, demon ect.

    Pairings (open)

    I will do most pairings just let me know the guys and I will let you know if I will rp that pair. I can be top, verse, or bottom for any of these.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tales of [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Final Fantasy[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bleach [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Disgaea [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]X-men [/BCOLOR]
    Anything non-game. (Dad/Son, Doctor/Patient, Priest/Druggy, ect)​

    Rp Ideas and Plots (open)

    Vacation (open)
    A family decided it is time they went on vacation. Character A is the youngest child being 18. His parent's planned for the large family to travel parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. On their stop to a smaller town their plans come to a halt. Apparently their passports need to be renewed and they need to get a whole new set of tickets. While staying in this town they make the most out of it but unlike his family Character A want's to just go home. He refuses to participate and stays in the town while his family goes out to explore. One day Character B, a native of the town visits Character A. He was told by his father, the chief/governor/ect of the town, to check up on the outsiders. The young men talk and Character B develops a crush on the outsider. His father expects him to marry soon and now Character B sets his goal on getting Character A. (I prefer I play Character A. I would like to be bottom or verse. As for which continent and country this is in, it can be discussed.)

    Another College Love Story? (open)
    Going to college can be fun. You meet new people, you party and you get to explore who you are. Character A is a freshman this year. His father got him into a fraternity but he really dislikes it. The older members like to throw parties, especially his roommate. Though Character B, the roommate, is a nice charismatic guy who tries his best to get Character A to relax and party. A week before school opens parties are thrown each night. The first Character A gets drunk through peer pressure, from Character B of course. The second night he goes to sleep early and Character B comes in there and tries to get Character A out. This leads to some unwanted teasing as Character B grinds, pins and almost kisses Character A. The third night Character A gives in and drink but isn't wasted like on night one. He goes to his room and Character B follows. After more teasing a partiallhy drunk Character A gives in and well the two have sex. After that it all seems normal, except for the fact Character B is possessive and the two have an unhealthy relationship. Come to find out Character B isn't even human but is a (werewolf, vampire, demon, ect. You name it buddy.) This normal college life slowly spirals out of control and Character A is introduced into the dark areas of life. (I prefer to be Character A. I would like to be bottom or verse. This can have a more darker side to it. As in Character B is part of a clan, tribe ect. Drugs and crim can be involved. Basically it goes from light hearted flirting to a deeper darker story.)

    Possessed (open)
    Two brothers move into a new home. The older brother being around 21 and the younger brother being 18-20. Brother A, the older brother, finds that they have an attic. Upon inspecting it he finds nothing but a box, which is filled with ancient text. He takes the books to a bookstore and sells them for some cash. Though as he was leaving the house one book fell out. Brother B, the younger brother, find the book and looks it over. Unaware it deals with the paranormal he begins to read it. By the time Brother A comes home Brother B is finished with the small book. Their lives seem normal until the full moon comes out that month. Brother B loses his mind and get possessed by an ancient being. (Spirit, Demon, basically something negative.) That night things change for the two. Brother B rapes Brother A and a toxic owner, slave relationship happens as the being possessing Brother B threatens his life if he doesn't get his way. Will the older brother set the spirit free or will it be a rocky relationship? (I would like to play Brother B. I will be top or verse. This will have rape, bdsm, and semi consensual sex. It may also have slight paranormal activity or a gang bang. What spirit doesn't have friends right?)

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  2. I'm interest in the jail one. XD
  3. I'm interested in the Doctor/Patient one.
  4. I'm interested in the Inexperienced Cop one =)
  5. I like "Under his spell" ^^ PM me if you wish to discuss further ^^!
  6. I like either the giant or fur on fur.
  7. ~You're a doctor?
    A doctor gets a new patient who he finds quite attractive. The doctor is young for his profession just being 24. He is young, handsome, kind. What is there to not like? Maybe the fact that the second time his patient comes back he gives him a full body check up and well sexual things happen. Now the teenager doesn't know what to do. Is love possible? Or jail? (I can be top or verse)

    Would be awesome! XD
  8. I really like the "Two Different Worlds" prompt.
  9. i like the new interest rp but i am submissive so id only play the young brother :/
  10. I don't mind playing the other role.
  11. I like your are doctor? One ^.^ though I prefer playing the bottom, so is it alright if I play the patient?
  12. Sure is. I will PM you when I get a chance.
  13. I'm interested in rp with you
  14. Sure. Do you have any plots in mind or like any of the ones listed?
  15. Do you do mpreg?
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  16. Yes I do. It depends though on what causes the mpreg.
  17. Alright...let's say science experiment?
  18. This isn't Romeo and Juliet, and/or Apocalyptic Hell, if you still have space.
  19. I always have space. We could do both if you'd like.
  20. Okay, I think I can do that.

    I'll send you my charries. :)
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