MxM Plot Idea

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  1. So have been wanting to do a rp like this for awhile now. The plot idea that have is kind of rough around the edges and could use some tweaking.

    At the age of 18 Character A is anorexic and has a dangerous drug addiction. Everyone from friends to family have given up on him labeling him a lost cause. Character B is 28 year old ex-military man and is friends with character A's older brother. All throughout his friendship has he never heard of the younger brother. Having just gotten back from his deployment he ends up staying with his old friend, character A's brother. Only when his friend's mother ask them to stop by and check on the younger brother does he finally find out about the young man that many have forgotten. After only one visit he can't get the younger boy out of his mind and continues to ask about him. After coming to the conclusion that no one will help character A he decides that he will be the one to help him get over his drug addiction and beat his anorexia. Except character B has his own problems as well. Trying to deal with PTSD, character A isn't the only one that needs someone to be there for him and help him. As they spend time together feelings start to grow. Dealing with their own problems plus their age difference and family it's almost like this relationship is doomed to to fail before it even starts. But can they make it out together or collapse under the pressure?

    I would like to be character A. If interested send me a PM or answer here.
  2. I'm totally interested in this!