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  1. I'm Wes. So I'm looking for a MxM fluff piece. (If you couldn't tell by now). Not much more to say here, keep reading. :)

    What I'm looking for
    I want someone who can play a "switch" character. Sub characters need not apply. But I'm also not looking for Alpha Males as it were. Rather someone in the middle of the spectrum. I'm also not looking for overly girly men. I like my men on the masculine side. So if you have a picture of a waif of a guy, it's probably not going to work out. (See below for example)
    I'm also looking for someone who can post 3+ paragraphs and who isn't in a hurry. I do this for fun, not my job and that means I don't have a lot of time during the weekdays. I also want someone who can contribute to the story.
    Waif (open)
    (Are we sure this is a guy, and not his girlfriend?)
    Non Waif (open)
    (You cannot resist the Jackman)

    What I'm not looking for
    I don't want anyone who's just here for the sex. I'm looking for more plot > sex. Sex will have it's time and place, but not every post. I'm also not looking for insta-romance. In fact, hate at first sight would be something I'd really like to roleplay out.
    Also, if you're looking for me to play a sadistic character or want to play one, this isn't the place for you.
    Any story set in High School or High School related.

    • A soul stone, created by a warlock, gives an individual an ability to cheat death. It works by trapping the soul on death and when another person picks up the stone, their soul gets replaced with the first soul. After it disgorges the first soul the stone breaks, effectively destroying the second spirit. In the modern world, people don't believe in magic anymore, but for one who has witnessed the return of the dark warlock in the body of his best friend.
    I think this story would be cute if the main character teamed up with a necromancer to defeat the warlock.​
    • Something is going on in the company you work in. People quit without explanation and even you are beginning to notice something odd. Nothing you can pinpoint. But you really don't want to be alone, even during the day. And you'll find any excuse to not work overtime, Alone. But you boss doesn't take your excuse one day and you're left behind as everyone else leaves. Of course there's no one in the building but you. Right?
    • There's a cult called the Shadowmen. Of course that's not their real name, but it's what everyone calls them. They're used to scare little kids into obedience. Or to explain why terrible things happen. They are supposed to be necromancers, or demonists. Or something. It changes with every telling. They're just rumor. Until they come to town.
    • No real plot, but Pirate captain x thief.

    Time Travel

    • There's a company and for the right price they'll send you back in time. Each trip back comes with an escort. One guard per guest. They make sure no one does anything stupid to change the timeline. (Time is rather resilient. Small changes are not enough to change the future. EX: If you step on the butterfly the future wont change)
    • This can either go guest x guard. or Time traveler x Local.

    Thanks for taking the time to look.
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  2. I would be more than willing to do the Warlock plot with you :) I'm a rather slow replied though...
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