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  1. Despite having several wonderful rps already (almost more than I can keep up with, but I see free time coming my way), I have a craving for incest. Not everybody's cup of tea (and only mine in a fictional sense), but I hope there's somebody out there interested in doing this?

    So, anywho, I want to do a brotherxbrother roleplay.
    I don't have a particular plot in mind but maybe we can branch off things like this if you're interested:
    - older brother prince x younger brother prince
    - older brother comes home from military and younger helps him deal with mental repercussions, love may blossom (this could even take a dark turn)
    - little brother harbors a crush for his taken older brother that only gets worse when he has to move in with him for whatever reason
    - whatever you might come up with! These ideas were off the top of my head.
  2. I'll take one. The third one sounds good to me.
  3. Oh... well hello there, lovely kink of mine. :lol:
    YES, I would love to RP something like this so much. The first one is the one that's calling out to me the most. :bsmile:
  4. Hm... now that you mention it I do have an idea for a creepy twin relationship, maybe with nobility and familial skeletons in the closet kind of deal?
  5. To keep things organized I'll PM you guys. :)

    And if anyone else is interested I'm not closing this up yet!
  6. I could go for the one about the military brother returning home from the military.
  7. I could probably work this if we made them out to be Step-Brothers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.