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  1. Looking for an rp partner Male or Female.

    themes: any and all themes though I really wanna try a kidnap or zombie rp

    smut: yes I love doing smut so lay it on me. Love good porn with plot

    gore: I have no triggers so anything and everything goes

    posts: I can reply a paragraph or several depending on rp. I also reply super fast over mobile messengers

    grammar: average as long as you try than we will have no problems (we all make mistakes)

    my characters: Bad ass full of spunk ukes/ sekes. none of that innocent stuff

    Message me if you feel like we could rp. more information can be found on my account, but other than that I am really open to most ideas so don't be shy and message me.
  2. I'm totes up for Zombie apocalypse.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.