MxM or MxF Suicide soldier

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  1. James has served for years, and when he got back home he was plagued by terrors.
    Voices in his head, nightmares he simply couldn't wake up from, pain that he couldn't lose.
    After a year, it becomes to much.
    He decides to end everything right there.
    When his plan fails, he is left in a coma.

    This is where it starts.
    YC has seen James plenty of times, and has always been drawn to him one way or the other.
    When he first was brought in, the whole hospital spoke about him.
    He was in the news, in the paper.
    A soldier without friends or family, and clearly with problems.
    People came in and gave him cards, and teddy's to make up for what he didn't have.
    Though it was no help.

    Now, a year and 3 months later, one of nurses saw his hand move.
    The doctor has to assign someone to stay with James for the time being, with the risk of him waking up and possibly feeling confused.

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  2. I'm interested in giving this a whirl! :)
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