MxM/MxH Literary longform, Tops/Doms needed

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  1. I'm Aion.... I'm reposting because my thread got archived? ^^;;;

    I'm always open to new partners.

    I've seen others make all-encompassing RP request pages, and that seems the best way for me to go since I'm always open to new partners and writing friends. I will edit and alter as time goes on.... my cravings, specific requests, open/closed RPs and other relevant stuff will always be listed here.

    About Aion- PLEASE READ (open)
    I am a very advanced, longform RPer with 17 years experience. I'm a writer outside of RP, so I'd consider myself Adept according to the Iwaku guidelines (perhaps Prestige, on my brattier days. hehe). I leapt at the chance to post here, given that it's so easy to find other RPers at the same experience level; needless to say I'm looking for partners who are Advanced-to-Douche. ^__-

    WARNING 1: I only play bottoms. Submissives, Slaves, Pets, Captives, Willing or Unwilling, fully male or hermaphroditic... but always bottoms. (I spent the first fifteen years of my RP life writing tops, and I'm topped right out.)

    WARNING 2: I write long. Very long. Sometimes up to a page per post long. Detail and full immersion into the world and character are my main motivating factors; I love to write AND to read. My RPs ideally feel like co-authored novels by the time they're done. I prefer players who enjoy this style, too.

    WARNING 3: I prefer taboo and questionable themes. If all you like is fluff, I'm happy to RP with you, but it may result in a one-off, not a lasting relationship.

    I need players who generally go for a 50/50 - 70/30 ratio bracket of sex to plot. One without the other isn't terribly exciting for me. However, I'm open to occasional PWP. What, it's fun sometimes! X3 In general, I'm looking for Descriptive, explicit, high detail, written with as much skill and care as the non-smut scenes.

    What really gets me going is character. Good characters and interesting interactions always drive the best RPs, for me.

    Things I always go for, regardless of plot:
    - hard yaoi
    - BDSM/bloodplay/painplay/petplay
    - brocest/twincest
    - male x intersex
    - SIZE GAP unf
    - age gap (top any age under ~50, prefer ~30)
    - monsterboys (I have many anthropomorphic, non-furry creatures. Also love tops who play them)
    - stockholm syndrome
    - non-con/dub-con
    - polyamory (especially incestuous)
    - historical accuracy (boner)
    - original worlds and settings (especially collaborative)
    - extreme literacy (megaboner)
    - looooong-ass posts (see above)

    Specific Plot Cravings (open)

    - Sadistic, cold, possessive elder brother x hermaphroditic painslut younger brother, within my novel universe (unique original species requires some info sessions)*****
    - Vampire x consumptive human boy confined to a sanatorium, Victorian era
    - Vampire knight x his childlike Vampire prince *****
    - Two older brothers x young/seinen younger brother (any setting, any genre... it's a HUGE craving, will not play younger than seinen on-site per the rules, PM me for other contacts)*****
    - BDSM style owner x slave (any genre/setting, but human owner x demon slave in the golden age of western esoterica is preferred)
    - Ancient Egyptian or Persian setting (only for fluent historical players)
    - Any M x H (intersex) plot (non-futa, non-exaggerated/fetishy)
    - Any size gap
    - Any brocest

    Fandom RP (open)

    *** I prefer OC, OP, OW... but will play within certain fandom worlds. I will have to insist on playing OCs, not canon characters, within said worlds. I may or may not agree to play against a canon character... it depends on the writer's ability to channel the character, and how much I kink for said character. Also, I'm mostly playing fandoms for smut opportunities. I won't want to play serious long-developing plot detail here.***

    - the Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)
    - Kushiel Series (Jacqueline Carey)

    - Tokyo Ghoul (Kagune sex, man... @_____@)
    - Noragami (God x shinki)
    - Sex Pistols (adorable nekomimi pairings? yas.)
    - Diabolik Lovers (yaoi only. Will play vamp x vamp, brocest, or vamp x OC... all of the above??)
    - Owari no Seraph (VAMPIRES n SHOTAS, OKAY. Vampire x captive blood doll)

    No Gos (open)

    - Toilet kinks
    - Furry
    - Extreme gore/death
    - Mpreg
    - Bestiality
    - Extreme jailbait (PM for specific age limits et al.)
    - Battle-heavy RP (I just suck at it)

    I will play in-forum or by PM, whichever you prefer. I'm also open to playing on Facebook or via Skype.

    Hope to hear from you guys~


    Running RPs (open)

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  2. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in working something out?
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