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  1. Hey everyone. I wanted to make a thread about some passing ideas and whatnot I have in hopes of catching someone's attention.

    About me and what I'm looking for: I'm looking for medium to advance writing, since I am a multiple paragraph poster myself. Responses don't need to be a novel or anything, but I am looking for enough to get a good plot in motion. That being said, I'm really into characterization, character interaction and development. I enjoy plots that don't rush through events, plots that include a balance of romance, drama, action, and realism. While I am the biggest sucker for romance, I do enjoy scenes that aren't always revolving around romance/sex/main characters.

    Pairings/concepts I dig. Bold is the role I would prefer for pairings:

    Blind/Deaf/Mute x Seer/Hearer/Speaker
    Interracial (I've been looking for some diversity in my roleplays)
    Extremely religious x Non-affiliated (Taken)
    Wild West: CowboyxCowboy, CowboyxNative, OutlawxCowboy
    Taboo (ask away- I won't judge!)
    Switch characters! (I don't mind playing either, but I tend to avoid terms like 'seme' and 'uke' mainly because I'm not looking for anime-style but characters that don't fall into those sort of stereotypes)
    Dark themes (believe me, nothing takes me b surprise. If you have something you're hesitant about, just ask!)
    Paragraph posts (I want both size and quality!)

    Things I am not looking for:
    Anime-style RPs
    'I-love-you's after like 3 days in the RP world
    Every other scene involving sex (I like writing steamy scenes as much as the next! But if there's only that then I tend to lose interest)
    Demons/Vampires (Sort of burned out by these two themes, but if you've got a really interesting idea then I might be swayed)
    'Super-ukes' (I don't mind a character with weaknesses, a mucky past or whatnot, but I tend to steer away from completely defenseless characters)
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  2. Im interested in doing an Interracial one
  3. (Responded to your PM :) )

    Also, bump!
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