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  1. Bonjour! Welcome to my 1x1 request thread! Lately my imagination has been running wild with romantic/dramatic ideas so I finally decided to see if anyone might be interested in them.

    Heres some pairings I have a crave for. But if you have a pairing/plot in mind im open to suggestions =)

    If it has a * next to it, it means I have a plot.
    If its in bold thats the role ill play, if both are in bold I can do either.
    If its striked through it means its temporarily unavailable.

    Vampire x Human *
    Doctor x Patient *
    Assassin x Target
    Demon x Human
    Wealthy x Homeless
    God/Goddess x Human
    Surprisingly Kind General x Slave of War (Medieval/Ancient setting) *

    Abused/ignored x Savior *
    Cursed x Human
    Guardian Demon x Human/Demon Hybrid *
    Demon hunter x Human/Demon Hybrid *
    Older friend x Younger friend
    Summer Camp (girls, boys, or mix)
    Disguised girl in male army x General/Soldier (Medieval/Ancient setting) *

    These would all be OCxOC, I dont do Canon's.

    Ouran Host Club
    The Irregular at Magic High School
    Kuroko no Basuke
    Fate/Stay Night

    All of these can be MxF, FxF, or MxM.

    (Will add more when they come to mind)
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  2. I'd love to roleplay with you
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  3. I am eager to try the God/Goddess x Human Plot idea.
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  4. Cool =D did you have a roleplay/pairing in mind?

    Oh? What kind of pair do you play? MxF?

    I do not currently have a plot for that one, but I can brainstorm about it. Unless you have something in mind =)
  5. How much smut do you want for your RP?
  6. Well, perhaps something with the vampire, or the shapeshifter, or the god one

    Or perhaps brainstorm something else, your avatar tells me you like dragons...
  7. Update: 3 New pairings
  8. Shapeshifter x human? I would love to do that with you ^^
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  9. Hi
    Wealthy x homeless
    God x human
    In interested pm me :)
  10. Vampire x Human and Cursed x Human catch my eye.

    What's your plot for the Vampire pairing?