mxm. Fantasy-medivalish sort of idea within.

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  1. Okay both characters had known each other in later childhood, grown up in a small village. Their lives then proven rough, families farms/crops hadn't been doing so well it begun to take a toll on supplies, having to stretch each morsel of food.... Until it couldn't be helped, the only way for the two families to survive had been to sell the boys into slavery.

    That was the start, they've jumped from one master to another, sometimes seperating. A majority of the time they spent under the roof of the kings castle, depending who you served would be the outcome of your lifestyle.

    One of the slaves manages to escape...while the other was left behind due to a unhealthy decision that rendered him too weak to make any distant travels.

    So years have past since that day of escape. He promised to return, but its been 8-9 years. Things have changed.

    ((okay, its not so much a slave/slave rp. Since it had been quite the many years it gives it enough time for alot of things to change.))

    SSorry, um if you have any questions feel free to ask. I could probably make more sense with it in the intro. And also I would be playing the one left behind. ^__^

    I'll do my best in posting back as quickly as I can. My posts will probably depend on the device im using...i tend to switch between cell and laptop.

    Also this roleplay will probably get a bit gorey. Kind of a dark theme to warn you.
  2. I'd love to try this! It'd be a great opportunity for me to practice playing a male character.
  3. Does anyone wish to role play with me?
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  4. Great ! ^__^ Sorry the plot is pretty vague. Im hoping to become better. So do you have any questions about the roleplay, or just going with the flow once started?
  5. Of cour
    Of course I'd be interested in roleplaying. What would you be n interested in?
  6. I think just going with the flow sounds good.
  7. I have no ideas that are not already being used so I'm open to ideas
  8. This sounds interesting, or if you started it already, a variation or another rp in general. Check out my resume or I can pm you if you wanna chat and bounce some ideas to see if we click.
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  9. I would lioe to see the many ways this story could be transformed. Thank you all for your interests. ^__^ sorry, im on a tablet, will be transferring to another device soon.
  10. Alright anytime you'd like to talk about the RP I'd be interested
  11. What ideas did you have in mind?
  12. I'd be Interested in a variation of the idea. Though I haven't actually even started it will Nells yet. ^__^ I'm waiting on a reply first. What were your interests?
  13. The whole idea itself sounds cool :) sorry for the late response.Been really busy.
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