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  1. Looking for more yaoi rps!

    So, I need more rps. I only rp yaoi, and only play as characters who identify as male (I kinda like playing trans men). I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'll add them as I get them and am open to any ideas you may have. I do however, have several fandoms I would love to rp. The character in ** ** is the one I wish to play, and I'm fine with playing uke, seme, or seke, though it varies from character to character. I'll specify if it matters what I play in parentheses after the pairing.

    *Assassin's Creed*

    **Leonardo da Vinci** x Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Uke, maybe seke)

    *Dragon Age II*

    **Male Hawke** x Fenris/Anders


    OC x OC (I have a little bit of a plot, but nothing solid. Ask for details.)

    *Shingeki no Kyojin*

    **Levi** x Erwin (uke)
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  2. I would love to roleplay (Male Hawke)xFenris with you! I've been playing the game, and I absolutely love Fenris, so it'd definitely be fun to roleplay as him~ I'd also prefer to roleplay him as an Uke.
  3. Yay~! Do you have any ideas? I really like the idea of playing a mage Hawke, and I think that could create some lovely tension between them c: do you want it to follow the game's storyline or create a new one?
  4. A mage Hawke would certainly add interest~ And I'd prefer to have a different storyline, as the regular storyline is something I already know and it would be a bit boring. But the meeting could be the same.
  5. Okay :3 I haven't played the game in forever, but I'll read up on it again, haha ^^ do you have any ideas for the storyline?
  6. Well, we could just do their meeting and go from there, wandering in terms of plot.
  7. Okay ^^ I'll try to post the thread tomorrow morning :)
  8. Okay~ I'll be waiting for a link~
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