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  1. Sooo... Uhhhh.... I'm craving me a MxM 1x1 right now and I don't really have any plots/ideas in mind but I'm up for literally ALMOST anything... there is almost nothing I WON'T do. The content things are really only a few of the things I'd do.

    =Things to Know=
    I really REALLY prefer to be sub
    Read my Resume please
    Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you
    I can't get on until normally the night time, so be patient with my replies
    Like I said: I'm up for almost anything
    Proper grammar/spelling is a must
    I don't care much for post-length, just more than a 1-liner
    We should work out a plot together (unless we don't have a plot XD)

    So like, that's about it! If there's anything else just ask! Message here or in PM, I don't mind!
    (Like please... message me with ideas and such... I'm desperate)
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  2. Hello, I'm very interested. I play well with dominant characters, very well. ;) (Not to brag or anything :p) My posts are detailed and I stray far from one liners. Plot ideas, I don't have anything to suggest, but we could do the classic Boss X Co-worker.
  3. Okay, cool!! PM me and we can talk about stuff!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.