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  1. Heyo ^^ I'm New. I'm Seeking More RP Partners And I Don't Really Have Plots In Mind But I Have Some Ideas We Could Build On. I Can RP Males At Times But Only To An Advantage. I CAN NOT Do A Lesbian RP. At All. That's A Big No-No xD. But, Here Are My Ideas.

    Apocolyptic Romances~
    -Zombies (I have one going but cab fit another)

    -Everyone disappears

    -Robots take over
    -All land begins to sink under water

    Stranded Romances~
    -stranded on a island
    -stranded on a desert
    -stranded in a school

    Werewolf Romances
    -Your character (Alpha of another pack) has an arranged marriage to my character (alpha of another packs daughter)

    -Your character is a future alpha of a pack and mine is a human, and they attend high school together.

    -both out characters find each other through a mating bond.

    -a one night stand where my character ends up with a were baby.

    Vampire Romances~
    -Pet/Dom (Either way, I can play the pet or Dom .)

    -(Y/C) Is a vampire king and (m/c) is a human girl who (y/c) discovers is his mate

    - Warriors
    - Vampire Knight
    - Ouran High School Host Club
    - Frozen

    (I'll add some more soon)
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