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  1. So I normally play the F sorry. But I have this idea of a disguised female bandit leader who hides behind a mask because her face is scarred. I wrote the CS for another RP I started so ignore the names of the places. My CS for her is below. Basically it's up to you what we do with the plot. Hopefully someone is interested. :D

    Name: Tempest (The Raven)

    Sex: Female although everyone believes her to be a male

    Age: 27

    Height: 5'3"

    When disguised as The Raven she looks like this

    When not disguised or wearing her mask

    Her mask:

    Social Class: Leader of a very elite and feared group of bandits known as The Raven's Claws.

    Backstory: Originally Tempest and her sister Storm were the fraternal twin princesses of the king of Facilya. Tempest was being raised and furiously trained to be the queen of the region, as their mother had fallen ill and they weren't sure she'd make it. However pleasant and free thinking her father seemed to the public, he was a vile and treachorous man. The way he had become so rich was by prostituting his daughters out to the higher ups in the social classes of all 4 of the regions. Tempest was believed to be the more beautiful of the two twins and thus was bought more. Storm saw it as her duty to be an obedient daughter and did as he asked. However, Tempest absolutely loathed what she was asked to do and repeatedly escaped or even fought with her clients. Every time her father found out about her bad behavior he would punish her severly, leaving her body scarred and often locking her up without food. One day as Tempest was on her way to "recieve a client" she decided to drop by and see her mother, seeing how the sick woman was doing. Opening the door she found her sister Storm slipping poison into the cup by her mother's bed. Furious that Stormy had been poisoning their mother this whole time Tempest confronted her sister, tears blurring her eyes. Stormy blew up at Tempest, lashing out about the unfairness that Tempest would get to be queen just because she was beautiful and more intelligent. Hurt that Storm would do this, Tempest tried to soothe her sister. But laughingly Storm took her knife to Tempest's face and carved out the path the tears were making down her cheeks. In fear and horror Tempest ran to her father, trying to tell him what Storm had done. But the king would have none of it and was repulsed by the bleeding spectacle that his once beautiful daughter now was. He banished her on the spot saying that her beauty was her only redeeming quality as a daughter and now that had been spoiled. Furious and extremely wounded Tempest fled the castle of Facilya and hid in the forest of the fae, Aeniasu. There one of the fairies took pity on her and helped her wounds to heal, however the fae would not erase her scars. Living in the forest, Tempest began to diguise herself as a man, crafting a mask to wear so nobody would see her face. Eventually she wandered upon a miserable group of starving bandits. Under the guise of being a man she used her leadership and combat training from her old life to fashion them into the fierce band they are today. The Raven's Claw. Diguised as she has been for the past 10 years she now lives as the leader of the band. She is The Raven.

    So do you want someone interested to just post a CS here? If so, I can do that in the morning. ...Or if you see this before I go to bed.
  3. You may post a CS or throw out ideas on what you think should be the plot progression
  4. Hmm... Well it's obvious that her secret would be found out by someone, mostly since I've been dying to try out this thief in mind, so that really just leaves the events surrounding the event.

    Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about another Thieves Guild that gets a request to maybe have her mask stolen. If this one, would obviously the thief I have in mind. So as a way of trying to get closer to it he tries to join The Raven's Claw. Some things happen and he manages to get it. And from there it would all depend if you want romantic or something else.
  5. I was thinking romantic unless you have another idea. I'm always open for ideas n.n As for your plot line... that's not one I had thought of but it totally works for me.
  6. I was kinda hoping you'd say romantic. I've had my fill of rape(Don't ask). What were some that you had in mind? I could use them to build something completely different.
  7. Ummm... I actually like your idea better haha. Mine was just some sort of cliche hunter/hunted kinda shit it wasn't defined. And I do kinda wanna ask now... lol
  8. Name: Cuervo

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5' 10"


    On the job:

    Social Class: Master Thief(Self-appointed)

    Backstory: Cuervo was raised like most thieves are. Born in a family with little to no money, forced to work for almost no pay and eventually got into stealing food. The only thing though is that one day he managed to steal coins from the wrong person. That person happened to be a member of the guild known to few as The Ghost Hand. Impressed with the natural skill of the boy, the man decided to steal the child from his home. The task was simple enough, but the child was a fighter and wouldn't listen to the words of those older. As a result the training that they put the boy through was slow at first, but it started to pick up when they decided to make the boy steal his own food. For years this was the primary motivation for the boy, who had forgotten his name already, to learn everything that he could. And then he became of age and was given his first request.

    Thanks to the training of the guild he completed the mission with ease. The elders of the guild were so impressed by the skill of the young man that they continued to give him missions with growing difficulty. It wasn't until much later in his life that his final test before being fully inducted into the guild was given to him. A request asked for the mask of the renowned thief known only as The Raven. Considering the lack of a posted deadline and the difficulty of the mission the elders chose to give Cuervo the choice in how long it would take. And thus the man left to try and steal his prize, never thinking of what could be waiting on him.
  9. That's perfect. I will be making an IC soon. I don't require any sort of post length though so rest assured.
  10. That is a relief. I am currently using my phone so first post might be a little short.
  11. That's totally fine.
  12. Extremely sorry for the wait. Got my new laptop, but then got distracted trying to set it up the way I like, and by a game I used to play. Off to post now.
  13. That's fine haha. I've been soooo busy lately with school anyway.
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