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  1. :bouncy:At first I was going to put this in the Romantic one on ones, but I realized it would become libertine over time, so I decided to put it here. I don't really want some Furry/Hardcore /fandom stuff in this roleplay, it'd be great to have maybe Softcore in the roleplay. I have a list of some Plots
    • College Dormitory
    • Stranded On an Island
    • Noble/Royal x Noble/Royal
    I appreciate your time.
  2. Hello! I am interested in your NoblexRoyal roles.
  3. Thank you for being interested. Which roles do you like, or do you have some you would like to share?

    Great! Would you prefer roleplaying on the forums or in a PM?
  4. Stranded on an Island is interesting, is it still available?
  5. Actually, it is. Would you like to roleplay on the Forums or in PM?
  6. Forums please!
  7. Alrighty. I am unfamiliar with making forum Roleplays. I will try my best, though.
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  8. Welp, I created a roleplay on the forums, hopefully it's good.
  9. I'll be happy to do a college dormitory rp ^^
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  10. It will be as good as we can make it!
  11. Great. Would you like to roleplay on the Forums or in a PM?
  12. Either is fine ^-^
  13. Cool. Shoot me a message :).
  14. Got any other plots you want to do?
  15. I'm open to Ideas. I may not like them, however. cx
  16. How about we are childhood friends who have a goal of becoming a band.
  17. That sounds good. Shoot me a message sometime. :D
  18. Still Looking <3~! I'm usially open to most ideas so yeah o3o.
  19. Hey I'd be interested in the collegeone or stranded on the island
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.