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  1. Hello all! I'm looking to start a few fandom roleplays, and I'm hoping that a few of the characters that tickle my fancy do the same for yours.

    First, a few rules.
    1. Be active, or at least let me know when you won't be able to reply for a while. Don't leave me hanging.
    2. Post more than a single sentence. A solid paragraph is good - I tend to write 2-3 myself.
    3. Help me with the plot and pushing it along. I only have a handful of plot ideas, so while some can be recycled, it gets boring to play the same thing over and over. Brainstorm with me.
    4. Have a roleplay resume or send me a writing sample. That way I can make sure that our styles are compatible before we get started.

    Now, the fun stuff! I've listed a number of characters, and while the default pairing is with an OC, there's several that I'd be willing to play against a canon character. All pairings are MxF, though - I'm just not comfortable with anything else. I really prefer to play the female, but I've chosen male characters that I know I can portray accurately. If I play the male, however, know that sexy times will be fade to black - I can't role play dudes during sex for the life of me.

    Names with an asterisk have a plot attached.

    • James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier *
    • Loki *
    • Steve Rogers/Captain America
    • Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

    Harry Potter
    • Neville Longbottom
    • Draco Malfoy
    - Marauder's Era
    • Sirius Black
    • Remus Lupin

    The Hobbit
    • Thorin Oakenshield *
    • Fili *
    • Kili
    • Thranduil
    • Bard the Bowman

    If you're craving any of these as badly as I am, send me a PM and we can get started! :)
  2. Still searching! I'm majorly craving something Marvel, y'all - also, please read my rules/requirements to make sure you pass!