Mutated (1x1 with Jade162)

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  1. The moon was high in the night sky, lighting up NewYork. Though, that wasn't the only thing keeping the city alive. It was a baseball game for the local schools, all the parents, students, and siblings came to watch. They were all exposed under the top lacking dome. The plane flew over head, dropping a green like gass from it. It sweeped some of the streets, but mostly hit the baseball statium.
    Jason Lews was in his pick up truck, all windows up. He was in his leather jacket, long brown hair pulled into a pony tail and thick bear on his chin. In the back he had a duffle bag contaning his hatchet and respirator for his work as a lumber jack. He put on the radio, but it was only static.
    "Damn it. First they block the entrances and exits, then shut the tvs down, and now they put the radio down."