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  1. Hello, I am The_Kafadanapa, and I would like to run a Mutants and Masterminds game set in space.
    Here is the premise,

    The Earth was destroyed in the year around the year 2070 by an alien emperor named 'Krodi' he was exterminated years ago by the Earth's Second Generation of Theon (Translated to English it means 'One who helps others') But his empire lived on for several years after in secret.

    For several lifetimes the Theon Academy kept the entire galaxy under its protection with its diverse, but immense power. Theon Academy was a home for many powerful or potentially dangerous sentient beings in the galaxy, Home, School, Military, Government, Theon Academy was known by most the galaxy as a force for the people.

    In secret, and over hundreds of years, the Hand of past warlords resurrected Krodi and created an army under the nose of the Theon. Striking from everywhere, and with enough power, they over threw the guardians of the galaxy.

    It is the year 2434 ad. The old Theon Academy was all but wiped out and have been outlawed. Vigilantism, Militia, Weapons, any form of defending yourself from the heel of the Empire have been outlawed and are punishable by death upon discovery.

    This Empire keeps a watchful military eye upon everyone they have under their influence. They expand through the stars, concurring anything they find..."

    You are some sentient being of any descriptor that I allow. I will be easy going with just about any build you make. For All I care, you could be anything from a wizard band member with a magic guitar, a knight in shining armor, a mad scientist, a werewolf, super soldier, aliens, blah blah blah. Don't worry about copywriter things, but you have to be something original. For example, You can't be Son Goku, but you can be a Saiyan, Martial Artists, Ki user. If you decide to be an alien with a history, then we'll work with it and make it into this universe. Humans are aloud too!

    Contact me on Iwaku here or over the messages or post below if you want to join. We can make your character.

    This game will be played over the actual site, and as for OoC, We'll create a side message board.
    NOTE: Jack-of-Trades is banned.

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