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Which RP should I do first?

  • Knights of the Omnipotent (Modern-Fantasy Knight RP)

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Judgement's Requiem (Modern-Fantasy Monster Hunting RP)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • *To be named* (Modern-Fantasy Adventure RP)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Impossible Empire (Modern-Fantasy Villain RP)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Strange Worlds = Stranger Treasure (Space Pirate RP)

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Birth of Shadows (Paper Mario TTYD Prequel (Read the description; it's not what you think))

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Next Conception (Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne RP)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Neo Vongola Terzo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn RP)

    Votes: 1 20.0%

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The Jest

Original poster
So, As the title implies, I seem to have a habit of making plots and being inspired by things, but keeping it always in my head. Even ones I've made in the past already, in a new [to me] and large environment such as this, nag at me to try again with a new pool of potential players.

Eventually, I intend to RP ALL of these choices. However, I have my limits to how many I can handle, and I certainly can't oversee 7 RPs at the same time. Sadly I'm not that good at Multi-tasking. Ergo, I'm intending to make them one-by-one.

The question then is, Which one should I do first? Which one do you want first?

Here's a short summary of the 8 choices:

Many millenniums ago, A goddess manifested and born from heavenly light, and a god born from abysmal darkness together created the universe as we know it. With the dark god manifesting its foundation and the world beneath to suit his needs, the goddess created the planet known as Earth and gave the blessing of life to this orb of stone. As time passed, the life evolving with the passage of time, the Goddess, gave birth to a pantheon of deities, her children, to oversee all of the aspects of the world, naming them after the gods and mythical beings that the humans below have made for themselves. For a time, all was well...Until one night, the Goddess slept and had a prophetic dream: She sees the world she made burning to the ground, her children slaughtering the creatures she's made, and her eldest daughter standing triumphant over the goddess' corpse, and the words of an unknown voice echoed in her mind "A great treachery awaits you on the day of Judgment." In fear of her death and the death of her people and world, she fled the heavens, and found a village of humans in Medieval Europe, who worshiped her. In exchange for her protection and the protection of her world, she offered the people of this village her power, enough to defend from any threat that might come for them on the promised day. They agreed to this, and while they have moved away over the years, they vowed to protect the goddess for generations as she hides among them.

Cut to the modern-times, You are the next generation of these families of knights. You are the next-in-line to take the role of the Goddess' protector from your parents, working alongside your friends to protect the Goddess as her guard, and the people around you as their hero. For the promised day of divine treachery is about to begin.

A similar beginning to Knights of the Omnipotent, and a similar setting, but still different in its own way. In this RP, the Parallel Universe to our own was created by Zodiac, a Death God who went against the rules of Death as established by his master, establishing a universe where his own rules of Death apply instead. However, the space of which he made his universe within has long been tainted and corrupted with the negative energy of a universe that was once in its place. Those energies haunted this new universe and granted to each and every human a monstrous second life as beings of chaos. To keep order, and to keep his universe from suffering the same fate of self-destruction, he created 5 children to oversee the life and death of the world's inhabitants. 3 goddesses to oversee heaven, hell, and the world of the living, and 2 gods of judgement and guidance for the tainted souls. He then gave his own life to help stabilize the universe, if only temporarily before it gets thrown back into a state of undead anarchy.

Of course, these creatures haven't stood unseen or unopposed by others. While they are capable of being unseen via Optical Camouflage and Illusion, they are still beings of the Physical and material plain which means they can be injured like any organism. Although these creatures have hidden themselves well, the people have become aware, if only a minority of the global population. Those who have became aware of these monsters, need it be for fame, fortune, protection, or simply sport, have become Hunters that seek them out and kill them off. Meanwhile, two of the gods that inhabit the world also assist in dealing with these monsters' affair.

However, despite the hunters and the gods assisting in eliminating these creatures, all is still not well...As from the shadows, A man is amassing an army. With the undead monsters up above as a welcomed distraction for everyone, he is readying himself for a declaration of war against the gods themselves.

As the player, you are either a Hunter, or a member of this man's armies. Either working to hunt these creatures down, or to hunt something a little more divine. The choice is ultimately yours.

For those who just want a simple Adventure RP in a Modern-day Fantasy setting, this is for you.

The plot is simple enough: An evil empire has taken dictative control over most of the world, an ancient prophecy predicts its coming, and with it the coming of a destructor that shall bring about the day of judgement upon the world. However, there was also prophecies of a Savior that shall soon come to shelter all life from divine reckoning and usher an era of peace.

You are either a member of the empire or a traveller called upon by the Prophet to set out and find the one key, this savior, to stop the Empire before their actions unwillingly bring their dominion and all other parts of the world to absolute ruin.

There is a twist to this typical plotline, but that I'd rather not spoil here.

This RP is inspired by @Windstormugly 's Acolytes of Evil RP, the difference in it being the person in power, the scenario everyone else faces in the beginning, and, of course, the time setting.

Who you are, what you have done, and what consequence that has caused for you, all vary depending you, but the scenario before being a part of this villainous scheme remains the same. One way or another, you felt the world around you and its people and governance has done nothing but wrong to your lives, as well as perhaps the lives around you. One day, you are encountered by a man that is said to perform impossible miracles, to which he uses this power to, again in one way or another, help you out of the problem you are facing. Need it be perhaps getting you out of jail, killing off your enemies, or even healing and saving your loved ones who may be inflicted with a disease or simply dying. In addition, he offers you power beyond your wildest dreams, power that could dominate the world around you and secure yourself and your loved ones in a position of superiority.

All he asks, in return, is that you assist him in his goals, to create an Empire that can conquer this world, and eventually universe around you, the very heavens and the pits of hell themselves. What he requests is evil, and may as well be akin to selling your soul for these miracles he gives you. But the question is, are you willing to go so far to get what you desire?

There will, of course be heroes, warriors of light that wish to purge the world of the evil you represent. Their roles as protagonists and yours as antagonists, however, shall be reversed.

Far off the edge of a space-travelling galactic government lies two holes, a Black hole, and a White hole. The white hole was simply a theoretical event until now, so imagine the shock when things were being shot out of it, objects of crystal, silver, and gold, artifacts that have never existed before, made of the kind of quality material that would make anyone who sells it essentially set for life.

Wondering if the Black hole theoretically would take them into where ever the White hole was connected to, and therefore being able to get other treasures like it. A group of explorers traveled into the Black Hole, boldly aware that they are risking suicide for this discovery. However, of the many ships that entered, only one returned through the same white hole as the treasures.

The explorer confirmed that the black hole is connected to another area of space, a different universe completely, revealing that the Black hole is, in reality, a large Worm hole that goes one way. The white hole right next to the black hole is the reverse path back to this universe from that one. However, there were also creatures within that universe, Monsters that they've never seen before, demons beyond their comprehension. They seem to avoid the wormholes, as if sensing them as dangerous to them. As such, they were safe near the white hole they came out of. However, there was a planet nearby, one of many, and there was something there that was shining brightly like a beacon. After which the stars began to move on their own, all of them rearranging themselves almost periodically, and the monsters began to mutate into different forms, some more fearsome then others. The explorers all got closer to the planet they saw beacon for, and that was when the monsters attacked. Mercilessly slaughtering all who tried down there. This explorer only reason for survival was that he ran away like a coward into the black hole that took him home.

Not taking any chances, the government enabled a Blockade the prevent any entry or exit from this universe, so as to ensure that no monsters would attempt to go into their universe, and to ensure nobody risked their lives by going into that one.

But as they did, there was a rumor among the worlds of the Galaxy. Stories that perhaps what this explorer saw, this beacon of light, was the ultimate treasure of them all. The greatest find in history, not for what it is, but for what it could do. While most citizens ignored these rumors and refused to get anywhere near this defensive blockade that was established, there's always one group of people that ignore, or blatantly break these rules if that's what it takes for a little profit.

Space Pirates.

Ironically, the defensive maneuvered that denied passage into this other universe was the very thing that started a great pirate expedition into it. Thousands of ships, thousands of pirates, all coming out of hiding from their government and all going straight into this blockade. While some did not make it to the Black Hole thanks to the military, there were plenty who did.

You are one of them. Need it be as a captain of a crew of pirates, or a member of said crew, you are one of the many who survived the breakthrough of this blockade, leaving behind your home, friends, and families, to take part in a Gold rush the likes of which no universe has ever seen.

But be warned, for you are treading in dangerous and unknown waters, as many vicious monsters and demons are willing to protect their universe's treasures with their lives.

Upon seeing this choice on the poll, I'm betting you were thinking this would be a typical Mario RP, that'd be a comedy, would star Mario, Peach, Bowser, and all the happy friends of the Mushroom Kingdom, and that since it's "Paper Mario" that everything would look paper-thin 2-D and everyone would have paper powers of some sort.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

For those who don't know the legend of the Thousand Year Door: A thousand years ago, There was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom off the port of...a nameless ocean, far from the Mushroom Kingdom. However, one day a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions hit this kingdom and leveled it beneath the ground overnight. When all was said and done, the demonic cause of this destruction locked away, the people repopulated the area where it once stood, creating the mischievous town of Rogueport.

Simply put, this RP will take place a thousand years ago, a little while before the destruction that destroyed this kingdom, to show in detail what might have happened and why. As such, this will be a Fantasy Setting RP. While I can't remove ALL of Mario's style as this IS still within Mario's universe technically, so Goombas, Koopas, and Toads still exist, I will say this won't be as light-hearted as majority of the Mario games in the past.

You are a knight for this kingdom many years ago, in the middle of a war against a conflicting kingdom, of which your side is winning. You come back to your kingdom in victory, only to hear that a trio of dragons have started terrorizing the kingdom and its people you are gone. By orders of the queen, your task is finding and eliminating these three dragons.

A Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne RP...MINUS The Demi-Fiend.

Simply put, you're a group of people, of just about any age and school or work, who are connected with a woman known as "the Maiden", gathering together on the verge of the World's apocalyptic end. An event known as The Conception occurs, which destroy all life on Earth, change the world into an inside-out spherical land of desert, cities and ruins, filled with souls of the dead and many, many Demons. With the Maiden's blessing, you have survived the end of the world and are all that's left of humanity in this deceased world. As it comes to an end however, you hear the voice of a god, the same god that exists in the center of the world as the source of its light and power.

"You, who is about to enter my world: Show me your heart. ...You have nothing in your heart, not even a hint of reason. For the one who will shape this world, this cannot be. Go, and discover yourself..."

You wake up, still alive, in the same spot you were before the conception occurred with everyone else. What you do next is up to you...But know that every last one of you have the chance to rebuild, and rebirth the world into a new one of your liking. To achieve this end, you must obtain power and gain the support of the spirits and demons that would roam this new world.

There is, of course, another path that you may take for power as well... Obtaining and ingesting a demonic parasite, a "magatama" as its called, will grant you the powers and body of a demon. However, by doing so, you will relinquish your right to Creation. (Which means you will never be able to make your own world, even if you defeat all the other Reasons. Also, to be clear, though the process and criteria are the same, you will NOT be the Demi-Fiend. You will not be anywhere near as powerful as he was, and you'll only be able to use one of the Magatama and one alone.)
The stage is set, and you must choose how it all plays out for you.

Choose wisely, for every action has a consequence.

This, technically, isn't my idea. However, much like Trinity Wars before it, it's a personal favorite that I'd like to remake. The original creator of this was the Roleplayer Guild's Jakeozzy, but slightly modified in respect of the Manga's end.

Several years after the end of KHR's Manga, Tsunayoshi Sawada became well-known among the mafia world as "Neo Vongola Primo". Now known as the "Neo Vongola Mafia", it has made great strides to return to its original reputation as a robin-hood-esque vigilante society, manipulating the criminal underworld as a tool to better society.
Tsuna's successor after he retired is now retiring himself. However, rather than looking for a proper successor of his own like his predecessor before him, he is instead grooming his children to be the next head of Neo Vongola, much to everyone else's dismay. They had the moral compass for the job, but the famiglia felt that it should be given to the best possible person for the task, much like how he and his predecessor were chosen, rather than risking inner corruption by making it an inheritance.

It was when Neo Vongola Secondo requested that Reborn, the former Arcobaleno, came to tutor and prep them for this task that the line was felt as crossed. As such, a fragment of Vongola, including the eldest son of Secondo, broke off from the main famiglia and attempts to bring it down.

While Neo Vongola is on the verge of civil war, Another force beyond their mafia control is ready to make themselves known, with a conflicting Vongolas as its central target of choice.
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The Knights of Omnipotent and Strange Worlds = Strange Treasure are idea's I would so do in a heartbeat.

Absolutely love them!


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Well then buddy, I am here to partake of your stories, as you know ^^

KotO: Character done, plots ready.

JR: You think I could pass up on hunting gods?

Tbn: As I know the twist I can't stop laughing, count me in.

TIM: Nothing could keep me from this :P

SWST: Yarr Captain!

And you know what I think of fandoms ^^


Original poster
I'm always game for an RP. Now let's get those votes in and see which idea is first up before Jest's brain melts down.

Diva Elly

Original poster
I voted for the Knights one, but nevermind, I have a character for the Pirates one, too.

Avalon Knight

Original poster
Voted for KHR since I love KHR, but I would also be down for one of the first two.

The Jest

Original poster
Well then, it looks like we have a decision. At the very least I now know the first three RPs to make.

1st: Strange Worlds=Stranger Treasure

2nd: Knights of the Omnipotent

3rd: Neo Vongola Terzo

Every other RP, we'll have to wait and see about.

I'll be working on the OOC for the First RP then. It'll be made from scratch so it might take a little while. ^^;